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Tighter security for Windsor Castle guards’ ceremony after Westminster attack

Security has been enhanced around Windsor Castle ahead of the Changing The Guard ceremony following the Westminster terror attack. Barriers were put in place around the royal residence in Berkshire on Monday evening to support existing road closures, Thames Valley Police said. The force said the changes were proportionate and necessary but that there was no specific threat to Windsor ahead of the next Changing The Guard on Wednesday.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Hardcastle said: While there is no intelligence to indicate a specific threat to Windsor, recent events in Westminster clearly highlight the need for extra security measures to be introduced.

The force believes that it is proportionate and necessary to put in place extra security measures to further protect and support the public and the guard change. This is consistent with security deployments in London.

Preventative measures such as these have been put in place across the UK over the past 10 years at various events.

The national threat level remains severe, which it has been since 2014, and I would urge the public to be alert to the threat of terror attacks but not alarmed, and to remain vigilant.

Tighter Security For Windsor Castle Guards' Ceremony After Westminster AttackChanging of the Guard takes place at Windsor Castle during March and April (Steve Parsons/PA)

The colourful military spectacle takes place at Windsor Castle on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in March and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in April, weather permitting. Tourists flock to see soldiers in their red tunics and bearskins processing to and from the historic building to the sound of a military band. The new barriers will only be used to secure the route of the procession during the event and will remain open at other times.

New Hampshire Journalist Not Allowed to Record Public Meeting …

New Hampshire Journalist Not Allowed To Record Public Meeting ...

Concerned about the expenses involved in the New Hampshire Justice Department s ongoing court battle to prevent voters from taking selfies in the voting booth, local activist and journalist Dave Ridley showed up to their budget workshop meeting, camera in hand, to ask members of the House Finance Committee how they felt about the mounting expenses in fighting the suit. But committee members waisted little time in telling Ridley that he would not be allowed to video record the meeting. Ridley, who has spent years covering the New Hampshire Legislature, is known for his gonzo-style journalism and his ambush interviews that often occur as representatives are arriving for public meetings and workshops. This incident was no different.

Ridley began greeting members of the committee as they arrived but as the meeting began Chairman Lynne Ober asks him, Sir, I m sorry, there is no photography in the committee room. Thank you, the chairman tells him.

Under what law would I be prohibited from filming? Ridley responds. She replies, We have house rules. Please direct that question to the speaker s office.

Well, I need to know more if you re going to censure me I need to know more, Ma am.

We are in the middle of a hearing. Ober snaps, cutting him off. Ridley continues to record the meeting though, until he is approached by what appears to be a security officer who asks him again to stop recording.

I had planned to only spend about 3 minutes in the meeting itself and leave with maybe 35 seconds worth of video of it . just enough to show people what the meeting looked like. The questionable restrictions made the meeting itself suddenly interesting. The original purpose for being in that area of the LOB was mostly to interview officials on their way to and from the meeting. As the video continues, Ridley leaves the meeting room to conduct other interviews in the hallway as more security arrives and he enters the meeting room again, camera rolling. Seconds later, A security officer Joe Burke appears in the doorway.

The video continues as Ridley is advised by members of the committee that he is being disruptive just as another committee members whips out his cell phone to begin recording Ridley.

Burke eventually escorts Ridley out of the meeting room and back into the hallway.

So did you just break the law by removing me? Ridley asks Burke.

No, I did not. You re welcome to stay in the hearing, they just said no filming No recording because it s not a public hearing. Burke responds, but Ridley s arguments against video being banned made no difference to the committee or to Burke who insisted that because the meeting was considered a work session , the chairman could forbid recording based on it being a disruption.

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Do you believe in ghosts? Here are the best places in NH to try and spot one

Do you believe in ghosts? New England is said to have an abundance of haunted places, with many being located in New Hampshire.[1] has provided nine places in the Granite State where you might be able to spot a ghost:

  1. Alton Town Hall, Alton

While no one claims to have actually seen a ghost here, many folks have heard footsteps and heavy thudding noises. One security guard allegedly heard noises from upstairs, like furniture was being dragged across the floor. When he went to investigate, he found that the chairs from the courtroom had been moved into the hallway and were lined up, single-file.

2. University of New Hampshire, Durham

Several ghosts reportedly haunt the campus of the University of New Hampshire. The most commonly seen is that of a woman who walks the halls late at night. She’s been seen in Smith Hall, checking up on the students.

3. Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods

This iconic hotel was completed in 1902 and it is supposedly haunted by the wife of the original owner. The ghost is seen throughout the property, and has supposedly even been captured in at least one photograph. When the summer staff returned to the hotel one year, they all posed for a photo in front of the hotel. It’s said that you can see the ghost peering through a window behind them.

4. Chase Home, Portsmouth

The Chase Home has a long history of caring for orphaned children. One little girl is said to have committed suicide here, and both staff and residence report that she is still a constant presence in the house. Some claim to have seen her ghost wandering the halls; others report pranks such as turning lights on and off.

5. Pine Hill Cemetery, Hollis

Pine Hill Cemetery is full of very old graves, but one in particular is especially creepy. Abel Blood and his family are said to have been murdered. His ghost still roams the cemetery, and visitors report actually being attacked by Abel!

6. Isles of Shoals, Portsmouth

The history of these islands off the coast includes pirates, murderers and outlaws. Many ghosts are said to roam the islands, including one at the lighthouse on Boon Island, who runs up and down the stairs, and another of a woman who smothered her baby while hiding from pirates.

7. The Mills, Dover

The mills burned in a horrific fire many years ago. The reconstructed mills are thought to be haunted. Some people report machinery turning on and off on its own, hearing voices and footsteps and feeling cold spots.

8. New Hampshire State Hospital, Concord

Parts of this hospital are abandoned, and are said to be haunted. Patients were once tortured and abused here, and their spirits supposedly linger on. People report hearing screams, seeing objects move and hearing footsteps. This may be one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire.

9. Country Tavern, Nashua

Captain Ford built this home in 1741 and moved in with his wife Elizabeth. It’s rumored that he returned from sea to find that his wife had given birth to another man’s child. He locked her in the closet and killed the baby. Later, he stabbed Elizabeth and threw her body down the well. The home now serves as a restaurant, but it’s said to be haunted by Elizabeth’s ghost.


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