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Tight Security For MSG Billy Joel Concert In Wake Of Manchester Attack

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Security was stepped up Thursday for a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden, in the wake of the deadly bombing at a concert in Manchester, England earlier this week.

As CBS2 s Jessica Layton reported, Joel offered a moving musical tribute to the victims of the tragedy. There was no doubt emotions were still high as the concert went on.

Disgusted with what all that going on those guys, savages, one passerby said. But fans like one man who came with his son refused to be afraid.

I have a lot of friends who are NYPD and all the faith in the world in them, he said. The NYPD was out in force. Counterterrorism officers patrolled alongside the Department of Homeland Security, New York State Police, Amtrak police and Metropolitan Transportation Authority police to guard the Garden,

I just saw them wand am ambulance driver so I feel OK, said Kim Lewis.

There was added protection from vapor wake and explosive detection dogs, trained to sniff out body-worn explosives on moving targets in high-volume areas. It is believed the suicide bomber in Manchester carried the bomb in his backpack. Routine detectors for radiological and chemical weapons were also on hand, CBS2 s Alice Gainer reported. NYPD officials have been in contact with law enforcement in Manchester to tailor a specific plan based on lessons learned overseas. Meanwhile, thoughts of Manchester[1] were not far from some concertgoers minds.

The thought crossed my mind, but I figure it s New York City they re used to this type of performance, and they should be well-prepared for it in any event, said Anita Campbell of Stewartsville, New Jersey.

Security was also stepped up earlier this week at Yankee Stadium and other venues. The NYPD is working with New York State Police, the National Guard, Amtrak police, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority police because they say the layout of Madison Square Garden and Penn Station are very similar to the setup at Manchester Arena.[2]

Fans of the Piano Man said they never had any hesitation about attending the concert Thursday night. Howard Klein of Cherry Hill, New Jersey said it marked his 86th Joel concert. When asked if he had any hesitation about attending given the Monday night terror attack that left 22 people dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Klein said: None whatsoever, because I always find security here is excellent. The metal detectors and look at your bag last time they even checked my keychain.

Wouldn t be here if I felt it was going to be a problem, another fan said.

There have now been a total of eight arrests[3] in connection with the Manchester concert blast so far.

Law enforcement officials carried out raids Thursday morning as they continue to search for others who may have helped suspected suicide bomber Salman Abedi plan the attack.

This continues to be a fast-moving investigation and there has been a significant amount of activity taking place, Chief Ian Hopkins said. Among those in custody is Abedi s father, who was detained in Libya, and two of Abedi s brothers, one in Libya and another in the U.K. British authorities said they expect to carry out more raids as they continue to peel away at the terrorist network involving Abedi.

The NYPD was in contact with authorities in Manchester this week, and tailored part of their security plan based on what they learned from the attack.

They know it could happen, but they re not going to let New Yorkers are tough people, a man said.


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Limited parking, lots of security for second test event

With Our Lady Peace, Johnny Reid and Bryan Adams getting ready to play Mosaic Stadium for the second test event, attendees to the concert on Saturday are being asked to take alternative modes of transportation to the stadium.

The whole idea for the plan is for people to get to and from the stadium and not use their vehicles, Mayor Michael Fougere said. Take public transit and taxis to get there. We tested this with the Rams versus Huskies game and it worked very well. The public was very happy with how it was used and they used more transit than ever before. With no public parking at Evraz Place for the concert, and Elphinstone Street closed between Dewdney Avenue and Saskatchewan Drive from 2 p.m. to midnight, Fougere is confident that residents will follow the plan to ensure everyone has a great experience.

If you take public transit, take the shuttle, or take a taxi, you will find that with the closing of Elphinstone, people can walk here easily and easier than if they were trying to find a place to park. Concert attendees can ride transit for free to the stadium if they show their event ticket to the driver. In addition, shuttles will run from 3:45-7 p.m. from Southland Mall, Northgate Mall, Victoria Square Mall, Normanview Crossing, the Delta Hotel and Victoria Park. A bike valet service is being provided at the southwest corner of Confederation Park.

There will also be plenty of security at the event, with 150 security officers patrolling the stadium for the concert, 50 more than the first test event.

Security has to be vigilant from the time people come in the front gate, to the intelligence gathering on an ongoing basis, so we are ready for any event, said Rod Buckingham, game day security commander. We introduced metal detectors last year. We increased that this year and we will continue to monitor that. It does result in getting quite a few items, some prohibited and some illegal. Prohibited items for the concert include outside alcohol, coolers, opened bottles or containers, air horns or sirens, laser pointers, rods, dowels and hockey sticks, as well as UAVs, umbrellas, selfie sticks and any unauthorized advertising.

You have to draw a line somewhere, said Buckingham. It is more about the activity of the people than the item. There are certain standards across arenas and stadiums that we try to stay consistent with. For the upcoming Riders season, 200 cameras will be set up in the new stadium. In addition, a security officer will wear a visiting team s jersey to ensure fans are treated well during games.

People should all have fun. It is an entertainment event, Buckingham said. If someone is ruining your good time, we just need to be prepared to deal with that. Generally speaking, the fans are pretty good here.

For those attending, gates open at 4 p.m. and Our Lady Peace will begin their show at 6 p.m., followed by Johnny Reid at 7:30 p.m. and Bryan Adams at 9 p.m. The concert will end at 11 p.m.[2]


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Hingham Harbor security cameras to enhance safety

Already in place is a secure public safety video monitoring system, which provides many benefits including but not limited to public safety, environmental, and storm monitoring capabilities.

Carol Britton Meyer [email protected] @CMeyerJournal

Security cameras situated around the Hingham Harbor area enhance boater safety, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

We re already busy! said Harbormaster Kenneth Corson. Hingham s waterways are among the must used and enjoyed in the Port of Boston. Already in place is a secure public safety video monitoring system, which provides many benefits including but not limited to public safety, environmental, and storm monitoring capabilities. The project was funded by a 2014 Port Security Grant, which required a 25 percent match from the town appropriated through the budget process.

This system is part of Boston s port security initiative to improve maritime safety and security of passenger ferries. In related business, the selectmen supported entering into a licensing agreement between the Hingham harbormaster and the Weymouth Port condominium Phase I Trust to allow the use of security cameras at that location as well.

The cameras are already installed, Corson said. This system has been a big help. Public domain

He emphasized that the cameras are for use in the public domain and don t invade anyone s privacy rights.

Security cameras provide a visual image of what s happening on the water and can provide information allowing certain situations to be handled more efficiently than if the harbormaster s boat had to respond in person whenever a safety or other issue arose.

The cameras allow us to zoom in [on a particular scenario], Corson said. Examples include reports of a vessel aground on one of the harbor islands (as it turned out it has been there for some time) and a lost jacket with money in the pocket.

The cameras could help us see if someone walked off with it, Corson said. In short they are a good way to monitor activities taking place in the harbor area that could be a threat to public safety or to one s wellbeing, including boat break-ins or thefts.

This gives us an extra tool, said Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson. People know the cameras are there, and that s helpful in discouraging incidents from occurring.

Corson confirmed that since the cameras were installed there have been fewer boats stolen or taken for joy rides. On a related subject, Head Asst. Harbormaster Joe Driscoll asked the selectmen s support for a federally-funded Coastal Camera Project memorandum of agreement between the Massachusetts Harbormasters Association, Inc. and the Town of Hingham regarding the Port of Boston CCTV (closed circuit television) system. The project involves installing surveillance cameras similar to the ones Hingham already has in place at various locations from the New Hampshire border through Plymouth, including Hingham. Cooperative effort

The project is a cooperative effort to establish and operate a regional (shared) point-to-point wireless link for interconnectivity of surveillance cameras through the CCTV system.

Under the agreement the Association would maintain and manage the system and its point-to-point wireless network. The town wouldn t own its part of the regional system but would have access to it through a provided workstation.

It s the same type of system used by the Coast Guard and local harbormasters, Driscoll said. It would be integrated with Hingham s camera system and would give us greater coverage of our waterways without having to expand our own system. The purpose of the agreement is to enhance law enforcement efforts to promote safety and security; prevent crime, terrorism, and fear; and to mitigate natural disasters. All users of the CCTV system must comply with the association s board of director s policies and procedures.

While generally supportive of the idea, the selectmen will revisit this issue at their June 6 meeting, pending further information related to the policies and procedures requirement, insurance, equipment maintenance, privacy rights, the estimated $200 annual user fee and any other potential additional costs, and any risks. Selectmen Chairman Mary Power noted that one of the benefits of cameras is to help locate vessels in distress. The Massachusetts Harbormasters Association, Inc. has an office in Norwell.

You can follow Carol Britton Meyer on Twitter @ CMeyerJournal.

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