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Hawaiian Telcom adds DDoS mitigation services to security services line

Hawaiian Telcom is looking to help its business customers stay ahead of security threats with its cloud-based Secure Internet Protection solution that it said protects businesses against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The service provider s timing could not be better. DDoS attacks have risen 125% since last year, wreaking havoc on millions of businesses who depend on the Internet to interact with their customers and suppliers.

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Businesses hit with a DDoS attack face a number of issues: Loss of revenue, productivity and intellectual property as well as brand and reputation damage. By integrating technologies from three major threat mitigation experts including Arbor Networks, Palo Alto Networks and Radware Hawaiian Telcom s Secure Internet Protection detects DDoS attacks, viruses, malware and other network-based intrusions and quickly diverts the threat away from an organization s network before it can cause harm or disruption. As cloud-based solution, Secure Internet Protection includes 24x7x365 network monitoring and reports that provide visibility into network traffic. Additionally, the solution can also help businesses achieve regulatory compliance including standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, International Organization for Standardization, Health Insurance Portability Act and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

One of the core elements of Hawaiian Telcom s security service is that it is cloud-based, meaning that a business does not have to dedicate capital resources to premises-based equipment and ongoing maintenance cycles.

Our solution is cloud-based so there s no equipment to install and continuously upgrade, enabling businesses of all sizes to reduce their exposure to cybersecurity risks without driving up IT costs, said Paul Krueger, VP of business sales and product marketing, for Hawaiian Telcom, in a release.


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SITA forms group to address US airport security threats 20 March 2017 16:06 GMT

SITA has announced the formation of the Secure Journeys Working Group to address today s airport security threats in the US and to work towards creating a secure and efficient passenger experience throughout the airport. The launch of the Secure Journeys initiative is in response to the current security climate and recent attacks on non-secure areas of the airport, including the Brussels airport bombing and Fort Lauderdale airport shooting. Members of the working group cite these incidents as examples that demonstrate the need to rethink the approach to getting passengers through the airport quickly and safely.

Because CVG is a mid-market airport, we have the unique ability to quickly test the effectiveness of emerging technology on security and efficiency, says Brian Cobb, vice president of Customer Services, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). As a member of Secure Journeys, we can use our knowledge to help shape recommendations to the TSA and CBP based on real-world experience rather than untested concepts. We look forward to collaborating as a community to ensure the safety and convenience of the traveling public. Secure Journeys is an evolution and expansion of SITA s Border Automation User Group which was formed in 2015 to facilitate implementation of the US Customs and Border Protection s (CBP) Automated Passport Control program.

The newly extended group will address growing challenges, including:

Moving passengers and baggage more rapidly through non-secure areas of the airport, such as check-in and baggage claim areas
Reducing and effectively managing security wait times to reduce lines of people in non-secure areas
Incorporating biometrics for passenger screening authentication
Addressing ways in which identity management solutions can be used along with data analytics to reduce the growing concerns around the insider threat.

According to SITA, the value of Secure Journeys is its ability to bring together experts and representatives from across the air transport spectrum to provide input and recommendations based on their unique perspective and experience. Given the Administration s focus on transportation security and commitment to large-scale investment for the nation s infrastructure, the solutions and recommendations identified by Secure Journeys are vital to informing key decision makers.

As the US government looks for answers to a new set of threats passengers face, Secure Journeys will identify solutions to common soft target challenges, passenger screening and insider threats and develop a set of recommended standards for US airports to adopt, says David Menzel, sales director Government Markets, SITA, founding member, Secure Journeys. We look forward to continuing work with the Department of Homeland Security and our airline and airport partners to make America s airports safer and improve the overall passenger experience from reservation to destination.

‘Naval rethink needed for maritime security’

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Citing the importance of the waterways around Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Tuesday argued for a greater naval role for safety of civilian traffic. Addressing a counter-terror conference here over video link from Colombo, Mr. Wickremesinghe said more terror attacks were likely to target the maritime sector in the future.

Non-state actors targeting logistics and infrastructure sector will become a nightmare in the future. Complexities of maritime security require navies to rethink their role, the Prime Minister said during his address at the leadership section of the annual counter-terror conference by the India Foundation.

The connector

Indicating at Sri Lanka s role in ensuring global maritime security, Mr. Wickremesinghe said the Indian Ocean region was the connector between the energy sources of the Gulf region and energy consumers of Asia. In this context, he lauded the March 5-7 conference of the Indian Ocean Region in Jakarta where the Ministers also adopted the IORA Declaration on Preventing and Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism.

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