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The Security Guard License in Quebec Security Guard Training …

In order to obtain a security guard license in Quebec, you must apply at the Bureau de la S curit Priv e1. If you need to modify/renew/replace an exisiting license, you must also do so through the Bureau de la S curit Priv e2. There are various forms that can be downloaded at the Bureau de la S curit Priv e3 website, depending on the form that you need.

The BSP serves as the central agency for issuing, renewing and revoking security guard licenses in Quebec.

Types of Licenses

Other than the security guard license, the Bureau de la S curit Priv e4 issues 5 other types of licenses. You can obtain a licence in one or several of the following 6 security activities :

  • Guarding
  • Transport of Valuables
  • Investigation
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Locksmith work
  • Security Consulting Services

Security Guard Requirements

Before the Bureau de la S curit Priv e5 can grant you an agent licence, they will verify that :

  • you are at least 18 years of age;
  • you qualify under the Security Conditions outlined by the law; and
  • you have met the training requirements to be a security guard.

The Bureau de la S curit Priv e6 will send you their decision 3 to 5 weeks after receiving your payment and all the required documents. They could refuse your licence request if :

  • you do not meet the conditions;
  • over the course of the last five years they have refused, not renewed, suspended or revoked one of your agent licences.

Requesting Your Security Guard License

To obtain your Security Guard Licence, you must send the Bureau de la S curit Priv e7 your documentation and pay certain fees.

You can also ask your employer for assistance in making your licence request. You must provide the following documents : 1- The form to Request a Security Guard Licence. This form can be obtained from the BSP website.

2- A copy of documents that proves that you meet the training requirements :

  • If you have completed the obligatory training, your diploma or a grade transcript if you have not yet received your diploma;
  • If you possess the required practical knowledge and skills, you may need to supply :
    • the diplomas you received in domains associated with private security;
    • a transcript of the grades in pertinent courses that you have completed;
    • Attestations of internships or other training activities that you have
    • completed; or
    • Attestation letters that your employers have completed that detail the
    • principal tasks that you were responsible for in the domain of private
    • security, as well as your years of continuous services.

3- Proofs of your Identity:

  • If you were born in Canada, you must send your birth certificate.
  • If you were born outside of Canada and are unable to supply a birth certificate in either French or English, you must send three (3) pieces of valid identity among the following :
    • Passport
    • Canadian Citizen Card
    • Permanent Residence Card
    • Attestation of Refugee Status
    • Driver s Licence
    • Social Insurance Card

In all of the cases, you must send colour copies that have been authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths.

  • Two (2) identical photographs that meet the following criteria:
    • in colour;
    • passport format (5cm x 7cm);
    • taken on a white background;
    • facing front, from shoulder up;
    • taken during the 6 preceding months.
  • In addition :
    • your head must be uncovered (no hat, cap, etc.)
    • the date must be stamped on the back
    • the photographs must be identified and authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Quebec Security Guard License Cost

To obtain your licence, you must pay a total fee of $127. This amount includes :

  • $40 that ensures your licence remains valid for the first year.
  • $87 for the Verification of Security Conditions.

These fees will be reimbursed if your request for a licence is refused or annulled. You will not, however, have to pay these fees if you have already obtained another licence that is still valid.

In this case, you must provide :

  • the agent licence that you have already received in another category; or
  • the agency licence that your employer received and that you were verified for.

You must wait to receive your licence before engaging in security guard activities.

Cancelling Your Security Guard License

To cancel your licence request, simply send the Bureau de la S curit Priv e8 a licence cancellation letter request. You can send it by mail or e-mail or drop it off in person at their offices. The Bureau de la S curit Priv e9 will, consequently, reimburse the $40 fees you paid to have your licence validated.

Once you have received your security guard license, you must inform the BSP if you are no longer going to be a security guard. If you foresee that you will be ceasing your security guard activities, you must advise the Bureau de la S curit Priv e10 by writing, specifying the exact date. Your licence will be revoked as of the date that you specify.

No money will be reimbursed. You must cancel your license yourself! Your employer can not request the cancellation of your licence on your behalf.

Responsibilities of the Licensee

You must pay the $69 fees, every year, to keep your licence valid. You must make the payment before the due date inscribed in your licence.

For example, if it is inscribed : valid: 2010-07-22 to 2015-07-21 on your licence, you must pay the annual fees by July 21st, the latest, every year. In all cases, you will recieve a letter 30 days before the expiry date to remind you and explain how to pay. You must advise the Bureau de la S curit Priv e11, by writing, of all changes that could affect the validity of your licence.

These, for example, could include :

  • change of employer; You can send them your notice or your form by mail, by e-mail, or by fax.
  • a charge for a criminal infraction;
  • a conviction for a criminal infraction.

In addition, if you change your address, you must send the Bureau de la S curit Priv e12 a completed Form for Address Change. You are not permitted to occupy a position that is incompatible with the private security activity that you received a licence for. For example, you cannot join the police force while you are a security guard. Your security guard licence in Quebec is valid for a period of 5 years.

You must, therefore, submit a request to renew your licence every 5 years.. This request must be sent at least 45 days before the expiry date of your licence. We will send you a letter to remind you, and explain how to proceed with your request.

At the moment that you submit your request, you must pay the fees applicable at that time. You can replace your licence if it is lost or stolen. To do so, complete the Form for Licence Replacement and send it to the BPS.

Replacement costs are $25 plus taxes.


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Maine Security Guard Training and Requirements Guard Training …

In order to become a security guard in the state of Maine you do not need not be licensed as long as you are employed by a licensed security company. All licensing requirements are the responsibility of the security company and notthe employee of that company. Even though that this is the state law, the company that you work for can request that certain criteria be met.

Some of the more common criteria are listed below.

Basic Requirements for Maine Security Guards

Be at least 18 years of age or older when applying
Have obtained a High School diploma or equivalent GED
Be a United States Citizen or have the ability to work legally in the United States.
Not have any felony convictions or a history of drug or alcohol abuse
Be able to submit to and pass a criminal background check
Not have committed any acts of fraud
Submit to a standard fingerprinting check

Beneficial Requirements for Employment:

Have the ability to stand long periods of time
Having a state Driver s License
Possess above average communication skills
Be in excellent physical shape

Training Topics

If training is provided or required by the company that you will be working for then some of the training conducted may include the following topics: Role of Private Security
Incident Response
Working with and addressing the public
Legal Issues
Patrol and Observation
First Aid
Surveillance For more detailed information, please visit the Maine State Police1 website or 207-624-8775.

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Police seek security guard in deadly Alberta ATM heist

EDMONTON Police believe a robbery that ended with three armoured car guards shot to death at the University of Alberta was an inside job and investigators have issued murder warrants for one of the crew. Edmonton police Supt. Bob Hassel said officers were searching for Travis Baumgartner, 21, who faces three charges of first-degree murder and one of attempted murder.

We now believe we have reasonable and probable grounds that this is the person who is responsible for this horrific and terrible crime, Hassel, the head of criminal operations, said Friday.

We sincerely believe Baumgartner is armed. He s dangerous. And we re urging public to use extreme caution should you happen to encounter this person. Baumgartner was believed to be driving a Ford F-150 truck with Alberta licence plate ZRE-724. Edmonton police, RCMP, Canada Border Services officials and U.S. Customs agents were all involved in the search.

Baumgartner was one of five G4S guards making a delivery to a bank ATM machine in a mall-residence complex on the university campus just after midnight Friday. Moments later passersby came upon the ghastly scene. Two guards were found dead by the bank machine with a third critically wounded. The other guard was found dead by a G4S minivan on the street. Baumgartner was nowhere to be found. A second G4S vehicle, an armoured car, was found hours later parked and idling on the side of the road near an east-end G4S compound. Police haven t said how, or if, that car was involved.

The dead were two men and a woman. The critically injured guard was a man. Names have not been officially released, but Henrietta Shegelski of Lac du Bonnet, Man., confirmed the female victim was her daughter-in-law, Michelle Shegelski, who was in her mid-20s. A Facebook page devoted to the guards emerged identifying the other two dead as Eddie Rejano and Brian Ilesic. Matthew Schuman was identified as the injured man. Henrietta Shegelski said her son, Victor, married Michelle in April, and the pair were true soulmates.

Everyone that knew her loved her, she said. She was just part of our family from the minute we saw her.

Henrietta Shegelski said Michelle worked for G4S for several years. She said Victor is a former soldier who worked with Michelle at the company for a year before going back to school at the University of Alberta. She said Victor was devastated by the news. The injured guard, Schuman, is a full-time corporal and Air Force firefighter stationed at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. He worked with G4S as a second job.

Our focus right now is on providing support to the family of Cpl. Schuman, who is by his side at the University of Alberta Hospital as he undergoes treatment, Lt.-Col. John Feiffenstein said in a statement.

The shootings occurred at HUB Mall, a long, thin rectangular block of shops, eateries and student apartments on the east end of campus. One bystander photo of the scene posted to Facebook showed three people from G4S lying in front of the bank machine, emergency crews working over the bodies. There were blood streaks on the floor out from behind the machine to where the bodies were lying. Ian Breitzke said he saw police pulling out bodies. The 21-year-old accounting student said he was watching TV in his residence room and heard a man in a room behind an ATM crying out in pain.

When the police came in about 10 minutes, they ended up busting down the door (of the ATM room) and pulling out all the bodies that were in there, he said.

Another couple of moments after that (they) pulled the man who was still alive out of the room.

The search for Baumgartner included the area around his home in Sherwood Park, on Edmonton s eastern outskirts. Steven Munz, a friend of Baumgartner s, said his buddy had been with G4S for about three months and hoped eventually to become a police officer.

But he felt he really didn t have what it took, Munz said. He said Baumgartner completed two weeks of training in Calgary before starting the night shift in Edmonton.

He said he enjoyed it more than any other job.

The pair had been friends in high school. He said Baumgartner like to play video games and had worked in the oilpatch and in construction before G4S. He said he was surprised police think Baumgartner could be involved, but had noticed his personality change in the last year.

Over the last year I ve kind of noticed him slowly changing as a person. It s almost more irrational the way he thinks.

I didn t think he was capable of something like this, but who knows, right? In a profile on the dating website Plenty of Fish, Baumgartner bills himself as an armoured car guard who is into gaming and recreational drug use.

There is a photo of him shirtless in a bathroom holding a cellphone. He says he s six-foot-four with a laid back personality, a healthy workout regime and a 10 physique.

I m a great guy. We don t come around often, he writes. On his Facebook page, Baumgartner had recently posted some violent quotes from the villainous Joker in the Dark Knight movie, which included a violent bank heist.

You know what I noticed, people don t panic when everything goes (according to plan). If I say a gangbanger or a truck full of soldiers will die tomorrow … nobody panics. But if I tell them one little old mayor will die … WELL THEN EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!!?!? Introduce a little anarchy.

On June 1, Baumgartner posted the following: I wonder if I d make the six o clock news if I just starting popping people off. G4S is an international security company with more than 630,000 employees. It has a specialized cash-management arm that delivers pay packets to fill ATMs. Steinberg said the Edmonton office, which has about 100 employees, has limited its operations since the shootings. Executives from Toronto were flying to Edmonton to meet with staff and police.

It s devastating, said G4S spokesperson Robin Steinberg, who confirmed the deaths and injuries. Names were not released. Our hearts go out to families of the victims.

Steinberg confirmed the guards were armed, but would say little else. The university was put in lockdown after the shooting. Grief counsellors were made available for students living at the HUB residence, and students too traumatized to write exams were being allowed to defer them.

About 560 students are living in residence at the mall at this time of year

Curt Binns, executive director of the ATM Industry Association Canada, said the amount of money put into bank machines at any one time varies widely.

I worked at a branch of a bank right downtown and on weekends, when there would be things like the Carribana Festival or the gay (pride) parade, and a baseball game at the same time, we would put about $110,000 in the machine, he said.

That s downtown Toronto where you have millions of foot traffic on a particular weekend. But if you re in (a town), population 500, and there s nothing happening on the weekend, the operator might put $1,000 in the machine. It was the second robbery of a G4S armoured vehicle in Edmonton in recent months. Last December, guards making a mid-afternoon pickup outside a casino were attacked and pepper-sprayed by two masked men. The pair fled in a Jeep with an undisclosed amount of money. No arrests have been made. In Calgary, two men dressed in military fatigues and armed with assault rifles and tear gas ambushed two Brinks guards delivering $300,000 in cash to a north-end mall in 1998.

More than 80 bullets were exchanged in a fierce gun battle, but no one was hurt. The robbers fled empty-handed and were later arrested.

The Canadian Press