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Vermont is Number One in nation for Health Security Preparedness

Vermont Is Number One In Nation For Health Security Preparedness

Health preparedness by state map April 2017. Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Vermont Business Magazine For the second year running, Vermont scored highest among the 50 states and District of Columbia in public health protection readiness, according to the new National Health Security Preparedness Index. The Index measures the nation’s ability to keep people safe and healthy in the event of epidemics, foodborne disease outbreaks, terrorism and other large-scale public health emergencies. Overall, Vermont scored 7.8 out of 10 points, compared to the national average of 6.8.

States were rated on 139 measures from multiple data sources. Vermont was rated higher than the national average in five of six index domains and matched the national average in the other. The index results are not intended for ranking states, according to the report, because states face varying threats and should apply common preparedness principles in locally relevant ways. The Index tracks the nation s progress in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters, disease outbreaks and other emergencies that pose risks to health and well-being. Because health security is a responsibility shared by many different stakeholders in government and society, the Index combines measures from more than 50 sources and multiple perspectives to offer a broad view of preparedness. The Index is issued by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation in cooperation with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). The report shows strengths and challenges over time in health surveillance, incident and information management, countermeasure management, community planning and engagement, surge management, and Emergency Medical Services.

“The Health Department is working every day to protect and promote the health of Vermonters. Our strength as a state has been our ongoing planning and readiness to respond to public health threats in coordination with communities and key partners,” said Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD.

Vermont’s strengths include health surveillance and epidemiological investigations, incident management and multi-agency coordination, and its focus on health promotion for children and other at-risk populations. Vermont also scored well in medical management, distribution and dispensing of medications, which was a key element of last year’s statewide emergency response exercise, Operation Vigilant Guard. Vermont has been actively working on making gains in the area of volunteer management, where the state scored 3.3 compared to a national average of 3.9, the state’s OnCall for Vermont is reaching more Vermonters than ever in an effort to recruit people with medical and non-medical backgrounds to join a Medical Reserve Corps unit (MRC) or to become an EMS provider. One such MRC volunteer has just received national recognition for her service. Deborah Carlson of St. Albans, a volunteer with the Northwest Vermont MRC, is one of two individuals out of 200,000 to be selected as National Outstanding MRC Public Health Volunteer.


Health Security Surveillance





Community Planning & Engagement





Incident & Information Management





Healthcare Delivery





Countermeasure Management





Environmental & Occupational Health





An annual assessment of the nation s day-to-day preparedness for managing community health emergencies improved slightly over the last year though deep regional inequities remain. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released the results of the 2017 National Health Security Preparedness Index, which found the United States scored a 6.8 on a 10-point scale for preparedness a 1.5 percent improvement over the last year, and a 6.3 percent improvement since the Index began four years ago. The Preparedness Index analyzes measures such as hazard planning in public schools, monitoring food and water safety, wireless 9-1-1 capabilities, flu vaccination rates, and numbers of paramedics and hospitals to calculate a composite score that provides the most comprehensive picture of health security and preparedness available.

Improving health security and preparedness is important for all communities across the country. In our highly mobile country, national emergency preparedness depends on having high levels of protection in every state, city, and region, said Alonzo Plough, PhD, MPH, chief science officer and a vice president at RWJF. These data highlight where strengths and gaps in preparedness lie, and can inform approaches to improve health security throughout America.

Despite improvements in nearly two-thirds of states, significant inequities in preparedness exist across the nation: a gap of 32 percent separates the highest state (Vermont, 7.8) and the lowest state (Alaska, 5.9). Generally, states in the Deep South and Mountain West regions many of which face elevated risks of disasters and contain disproportionate numbers of low-income residents lag behind Northeast and Pacific Coast states.

Equal protection remains an elusive goal in health security, as rural and low-resource regions have fewer and weaker protections in place, said Glen Mays, PhD, MPH, who leads a team of researchers at the University of Kentucky in developing the Index. Closing the gaps in preparedness among states and regions remains a national priority. Eighteen states achieved preparedness levels that significantly exceed the national average in 2016, and 20 states are significantly below the national average. A total of 33 states increased their overall preparedness levels between 2015 and 2016, while 14 remained level and four states declined.

Health security and preparedness have wide-ranging impact in our communities, said Stephen C. Redd, MD, RADM, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC s) Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. The Index can help us see where investments are producing returns, and where more work is needed to build public health emergency response capacity. Originally developed by the CDC as a tool to drive dialogue to improve health security and preparedness, the Index remains a collaborative effort involving more than 30 organizations. State health officials, emergency management experts, business leaders, nonprofits, researchers, and others help shape the Index each year through its National Advisory Committee and expert workgroups.

The National Health Security Preparedness Index has launched a Preparedness Innovator Challenge to collect and spread best practices for using the Index to improve preparedness. Through July 31, users will submit their stories about how they used Index findings as a tool to focus efforts and, ultimately, improve health security in their communities.

Vermont Is Number One In Nation For Health Security Preparedness

Based on a model informed by experts in public health, emergency management, government, academia, health care, and other sectors, researchers collect, aggregate, and measure preparedness data from more than 50 sources. The final measures fall into six categories, each of which is assessed independently, and cover topics such as:

Vermont Is Number One In Nation For Health Security Preparedness

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About the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

For more than 40 years the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has worked to improve health and health care. The Foundation is working with others to build a national Culture of Health enabling everyone in America to live longer, healthier lives. For more information, visit Follow the Foundation on Twitter at or on Facebook at[3][4][5]

Source: Department of Health 4.21.2017


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Muslim Man Brandishes Guns Outside of Christian Event on Facebook Live, Threatens ‘Be Scared’

Muslim Man Brandishes Guns Outside Of Christian Event On Facebook Live, Threatens 'Be Scared'SIOUX FALLS, S.D. A felony terror charge has been filed against a Muslim man who recently recorded himself on Facebook Live brandishing numerous guns outside of a Christian event and warning viewers in a profanity-laden denouncement to be scared and terrified.

Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber, 45, has been charged with one count of making terrorist threats after he slipped into a Worldview Weekend conference in Sioux Falls earlier this month, which featured a message from Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim turned Christian pastor who leads Truth in Love Ministries in Spokane, Washington. The event, held at Hilton Garden South, had been protested by approximately 70 members of the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, who believed that the gathering was Islamophobic because it presented argument against the Islamic religion. Hadian s message was entitled Sabotaging America: Islam s March Towards Supremacy. Worldview Weekend President Brandon Howse also spoke on biblical prophecy.

Jaber had been spotted filming the event with his cell phone in the back of the room and was advised by a security guard that recording was not allowed. The Facebook Live video shows Jaber filming the cover of his Koran before scanning the crowd of approximately 500 people.

My name is John Smith, Jaber told the guard in being approached. The Muslim John Smith. After being ejected from the gathering because he was carrying a firearm, Jaber recorded another Facebook Live video in his car in which he brandished several handguns and rifles, warning viewers amid expletives to be scared.

There s about, probably 400 people in there, if not maybe 500. And now if you want to be really scared be scared, he declared, holding up his weapons one by one. Be scared. Be [expletive] terrified. Jaber was later interviewed by local television station KSFY, and told reporters that he was heartbroken to see that many people in that place.

They didn t show up for a Christian conference, he asserted. They showed up for an anti-Muslim rally.

Jaber contended to the news outlet that he regularly travels with the weapons and was simply exercising his Second Amendment rights.

I m not armed against the regular citizen. I m not armed against Christians or against Jews, or against women or against children. I m just armed against stupidity and oppression, he said. While the Sioux Falls Police Department initially declined to press charges, stating that everything [Jaber] was doing was legal, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley and Lincoln County State s Attorney Tom Wollman concluded otherwise, announcing[3] on Friday that Jaber had been arrested. They told the Argus Leader that the video appeared to be a violation of state law, which prohibits threats to commit a crime of violence with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.

Jaber is also being prosecuted locally as meth was found in his home during the investigation.

Hadian says that he is bewildered both by the conclusion of the Sioux Falls Police Department and the portrayal of Jaber in the media.

I m not sure if I m sure if the statement of the police officer is more baffling to me as a former police officer, or letting this guy seem like he s the victim, [saying], I was upset. I was heartbroken,’ he outlined in an interview with Howse over the weekend. There s lots of times that [we] get heartbroken over things, but we don t go brandishing weapons and have an arsenal and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Warning: Foul language

[embedded content]

A special message from the publisher…

Muslim Man Brandishes Guns Outside Of Christian Event On Facebook Live, Threatens 'Be Scared' Dear Reader, because of your generous support, we have received enough funds to send many audio Bibles to Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced by ISIS in the Middle East. Many have been distributed and received with gladness. While we provide for the physical needs of the people, we seek to provide the eternal hope only found in Jesus Christ through the word of God. Would you join us by making a donation today to this important work? Please click here to send an audio Bible to a refugee family >>[4]
Muslim Man Brandishes Guns Outside Of Christian Event On Facebook Live, Threatens 'Be Scared'


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Woman fatally shot after argument between 2 men

A 28-year-old woman was killed early Saturday morning on Detroit s west side after an argument between two men as a club on Detroit s west side ended in gunfire, police said. The shooting took place about 2 a.m. Saturday on the 15700 block of the John C. Lodge service drive, said Sgt. Adam Madera, a Detroit Police Department spokesman. Trouble started with an argument between a man who police say may be a bouncer at the club and another man, who police say was traveling in the same vehicle as the victim. Police say the man exited the vehicle and the altercation with the security guard became physical, with both men firing shots. The car carrying the victim drove away, but the woman was hit. The car stopped at a gas station on Wyoming, and its driver alerted the clerk that the woman had been shot. The clerk called 911.

Medics arrived and took the victim to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Neither of the alleged shooters is under arrest as yet, Madera said, nor is there a description of either man in the early stages of the investigation. According to Michigan State Police figures, in 2015, the most recent numbers available, arguments were the most likely circumstance preceding homicides[1] in Michigan.

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