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Wedge Offers Vulnerable Businesses WannaCry & Future Ransomware Threat Protection as Free Trial

Wedge Offers Vulnerable Businesses WannaCry & Future Ransomware Threat Protection As Free Trial

Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker

Wedge Offers Vulnerable Businesses WannaCry & Future Ransomware Threat Protection As Free Trial

Wedge Networks

WedgeAMB Uses Multiple Layers of Network Security to Detect and Immediately Block WannaCry and Future Variants of Ransomware Providing Immediate Protection

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 24, 2017 /[1]/ — Wedge Networks, the leader in real-time network threat prevention, today announced a Prevention First program making virtual machine (VM) versions of the Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker (WedgeAMB) immediately available as free trial systems to protect enterprise networks while companies re-evaluate their threat prevention strategies. Countless businesses and institutions globally were caught off guard and unprotected by the WannaCry ransomware attack over the past week. WedgeAMB uses a unique combination of patented real-time deep content inspection with four different cutting edge security technologies to detect and immediately block new zero-day multi-vectored threats such as WannaCry ransomware and much more. For a limited time, Wedge is offering free access to WedgeAMB VMs to concerned network operators for up to 90 days, providing them with advanced threat prevention while they seek budget approvals for longer term requirements.

Security is evolving as rapidly as new threats such as the WannaCry ransomware attacks , said James Hamilton, CEO of Wedge Networks, Inc. Enterprises are challenged to keep up with investigating and evaluating new security technologies to protect against brand new, never before encountered threats. They need solutions that provide immediate protection against new threats as they emerge, without having to wait hours or days for their vendor to issue a new signature or software update. WedgeAMB provides this level of new threat prevention and we want to make it available to companies with a concern about their current vulnerability to these attacks. That s why we ve launched the Prevention First program.

Computex used the recent release of the WannaCry ransomware-worm as an opportunity to validate the efficacy of the Wedge NetworksAMB solution in identifying the new WannaCry variants and sanitizing them from the network stream. The WedgeAMB appliance blocked all known variants of WannaCry as well as the worm s proliferation efforts via the Microsoft SMB vulnerability exploit mechanism said Jason Robohm, Practice Manager of Cybersecurity for Computex Technology Solutions. “Our customers were not impacted by WannaCry because Computex understands the importance of cybersecurity and has always been a step ahead of the bad guys in helping protect our clients. We recommend, deploy and manage solutions like Cylance Protect and Wedge Networks for our customers. Our relentless focus on cybersecurity coupled with our disciplined approach to keep IT assets current, patched and secure powered by our Managed Services team has always yielded the great results a CISO strives for,” said Faisal Bhutto, Computex VP of Enterprise Networking, Cloud, & Cybersecurity. The WannaCry ransomware is reported to have been delivered using different threat vectors. In some cases, phishing attacks were used to deliver the ransomware payload, in other cases a worm, exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft SMB v1.0 servers was used. WedgeAMB employs a combination of technologies which makes it uniquely positioned to defend against these multi-vectored attacks. The 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps VM versions of WedgeAMB are available for a free download and trial period evaluation. Interested parties can register for a free trial and evaluation system by visiting[2] or via this trial registration link[3].

As a VM, WedgeAMB will run on standard, commercial off the shelf server hardware which enterprise customers can procure online or from local computer stores. The VM can be loaded on a variety of virtualization hosts which are also available online. Details on the required virtualization environment can be found on the WedgeAMB data sheet[4]. By the end of the 90-day evaluation period, customers can convert to a fully licensed VM systems or purchase an appliance. There is no obligation to purchase a WedgeAMB license or appliance. About WedgeAMB and Free Evaluation System

WedgeAMB is one of the key security application sets supported on the Wedge s Absolute Real-time Protection (WARP) Series of network security products. WedgeAMB is available in both appliance and virtual machine (VM) versions, supporting 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and soon 10 Gbps network connections. WedgeAMB is typically placed in-line at the enterprise or datacenter location, where it conducts a combination of deep packet and deep content inspection, including the real-time creation of fully reconstructed MIME objects (web pages, word, PDF, power point, excel documents, etc.) and subjects them to an orchestrated, multi-thread scanning with IPS/IDS, signature-based AV, heuristic-based AV, and AI-based anti-malware. This comprehensive analysis is completed in milliseconds, allowing malware to be detected and immediately blocked at the network level, before content is delivered to endpoints. Further information on WedgeAMB is available on the Wedge Networks website, or in this link to a WedgeAMB product brochure[5].

WedgeAMB is based upon the same award winning Wedge security technologies and software that lead to Gartner s inclusion of Wedge Networks in their 2016 Cool Vendor report for cyber security.

About Wedge Networks:

Wedge Networks is revolutionizing real-time network security with cutting edge innovation, performance, and scale. Embracing global innovation, Wedge s Cloud Network Defense (WedgeCND ) and Absolute Real-Time Protection (WedgeARP ) Series of products integrate and orchestrate the industry s highest performance security inspection and mediation engines with best-in-class security technologies developed by Wedge and third parties. Purpose-built as fully virtualized security systems, these products can be deployed in the form of x86 appliances, virtual machines, or cloud application software. Today, these industry-leading solutions block security threats for tens of millions of end users in enterprise, service provider, government agency, and security-as-a-service networks spanning more than 17 countries.

Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international offices in Dallas, USA; and Manama, Bahrain. Visit[6] for more information

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Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker

Wedge Offers Vulnerable Businesses WannaCry & Future Ransomware Threat Protection As Free Trial


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Oracle Cloud Security Services Pass the 1-Million-Customers Mark

Oracle Cloud Security Services Pass The 1-Million-Customers Mark Oracle Cloud Security Services Pass The 1-Million-Customers Mark

Oracle[1] cloud[2] security[3] services now has more than 1 million customers, six months after launching[4] the new portfolio.

Customers include Levi Strauss & Company, cyber risk and consulting company Edgile, video firm Ooyala, and software providers Nomis Solutions and Pragmatyxs.

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The announcement comes at a time when breaches like last week s WannaCry ransomware attack are increasing demand for security services. It also positions Oracle as a player in the core security vendor market, said Andy Smith, senior director of product development for Oracle s security portfolio.

Oracle has been in the security space for a long time, but in what I would call niche segments of the space, Smith said. We re the 800-pound gorilla in the identity management space. We re also clearly the leader in the database security space. But we really haven t had a basket of security services you would sell to the chief security officer. Oracle s in this space now. This is new for us. Oracle cloud security services the company calls the portfolio its Security Operations Center (SOC) combines four products: Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Service, Identity Cloud Service, Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service, and Security and Monitoring Analytics Cloud Service. The first two are generally available, and the second two are both currently being evaluated by select customers. Oracle says the four cloud services provide an integrated approach to security monitoring, threat detection, analytics, and remediation. The portfolio is built on Oracle s public cloud platform. It also works across other public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as on-site data centers.

Analyst Perspectives

The strong adoption Oracle is experiencing with their Security Operations Center (SOC) services portfolio makes perfect sense, said ESG analyst Doug Cahill in an email. Organizations look to such services to close the cybersecurity skill services gap via services and also require a reference architecture to unify disparate security controls. SOCs which employ a security operations and analytics platform architecture such as Oracle s realize both greater threat detection efficacy and operational efficiency.

IDC analyst Robert Westervelt said the new SOC services look to be a good move for Oracle. He said enterprise clients are looking for security products with these components for a variety of reasons. Monitoring user access, extending data governance policies to data located in Software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments, and automating hybrid IT environments top the list.

Oracle has always had a strong identity management offering, and the latest offering appears to be pushing it into adjacent security areas, which is a good move and should appeal to the existing customer base, Westervelt said in an email.

This is a push that appears to strike at CA, which has been investing in building out its strong SaaS identity and secure cloud offerings, he added. Oracle is also striking at a time when RSA which acquired Aveksa for SaaS identity a while back, is now under the Dell umbrella, and a lot of attention is on how Dell manages the acquisition of all of the RSA security product offerings and services. Many customers are dealing with cloud adoption and data flowing in SaaS repositories with investments in security products that may not be easily extended to support policy enforcement and visibility into these distributed environments. But, Westervelt warned, Oracle is entering a crowded environment.

Enterprise IT security buyers have a variety of options to evaluate, and they are going to want to identify products that can integrate seamlessly with the existing security investments they have already made, he said. They are also looking to technology providers like Oracle that have a strong technology partner ecosystem an especially important area to buyers as they move more parts of their IT architecture to the cloud.

SOC Security Framework

Oracle calls its cloud security portfolio the world s first identity SOC security framework.

What makes us different is that we re bringing each of these solutions together into a holistic, integrated portfolio, with all of these pieces working together, under the concept of an identity Security Operations Center, Smith said. Customers can purchase each of the four services separately. They also work with competitors security software.

We re not saying, hey, you have to buy all four of these at once. Our identity cloud service will work with Splunk[5]. Our CASB will work with Okta. Each is designed to work with each of the other competitors in the space and compete individually. Oracle decided to integrate and offer these cloud security services because it saw the market shifting toward hybrid cloud environments. It also comes at a time when Oracle is aggressively buying up cloud-service startups and beefing up its cloud offerings[6].

All of our customers are making this shift from purely on-premises to SaaS, IaaS, basically shifting to the cloud, which is causing disruption in the security community, Smith said. At the same time, Oracle s focusing on our own cloud strategy and our own public cloud we need many of these same security tools for our own cloud and our own customers.

Context-Aware Detection

The security services use machine learning to provide an identity-centric, context aware intelligence service that can be used across industries including manufacturing, banking and finance, utilities, technology, retail, government, and healthcare.

Context-aware detection is important because it helps reduce false positives and more rapidly identify abnormal activity. Also, you can create policies around this, Smith said. I might allow access normally from this device and if they are in this location, but if they are in a unique location or coming from a mobile I might restrict access. The context around it really helps.


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F-Secure Expands its Cyber Security Service Business in the UK With Acquisition of Digital Assurance

HELSINKI, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cyber security company F-Secure today announces it has acquired Digital Assurance a UK based security consultancy firm offering information security assessment services to governments and companies in the financial, petrochemical, retail, communication, and defense industries. The acquisition will allow F-Secure to combine its award-winning endpoint protection and new cyber security solutions and services with Digital Assurance’s current offerings. This will make it easy for UK-based organizations to address their cyber security needs with the help of a single vendor.

Cyber security comes down to predicting and preventing breaches, detecting attacks when they happen, and responding quickly and intelligently to minimize their impact. And because modern threats are becoming more complex, targeted, and persistent, effective cyber defenses require comprehensive and proactive security operations that leverage the benefits of both human expertise and technology. According to Jens Thonke, Executive Vice President of F-Secure’s Cyber Security Services, Digital Assurance’s established team of cyber security specialists will help F-Secure bring its advanced technology and security expertise to a greater number of organizations in the UK.

“Digital Assurance has a deep understanding of cyber security, and delivers a broad range of security testing, consultancy, and training services to organizations in both the private and public sectors. This acquisition will help F-Secure grow our successful service business to meet the ever-increasing demand for cyber security services,” said Thonke. “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to be able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and products to more customers in the UK and abroad.”

Digital Assurance specializes in security testing services that assess the security of devices, systems, and applications, as well as entire organizations and broad infrastructure. Its security testing encompasses all forms of technical evaluation, ranging from zero-knowledge black-box penetration tests to detailed source code and system configuration reviews that identify exposures and vulnerabilities attackers can exploit. Digital Assurance also provides consultancy services ranging from security architecture and design to security policy creation and risk assessment exercises. Digital Assurance founder and managing director Greg Jones said that the deal will bring the benefits of F-Secure’s broad cyber security portfolio to customers across the UK. “Over the past decade, we have built one of the UK’s leading security consultancies and worked together with many customers delivering leading edge security assessments,” said Jones. “I am proud of our team and excited to be taking the business to the next level with F-Secure, a company that embodies many of our own values and has exceptional expertise and capability in cyber security. We look forward to growing our capabilities and continuing to serve our customers as part of F-Secure.”

Through the acquisition, Digital Assurance will become part of F-Secure’s Cyber Security Services business unit; the acquisition does not have a material impact on F-Secure’s financial outlook for 2017.

About F-Secure

Nobody knows cyber security like F-Secure. For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. With unsurpassed experience in endpoint protection as well as detection and response, F-Secure shields enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections. F-Secure’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. F-Secure’s security experts have participated in more European cyber crime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 broadband and mobile operators and thousands of resellers.

Founded in 1988, F-Secure is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. [1]|[2] |[3]

F-Secure media relations

This information was brought to you by Cision[6]

SOURCE F-Secure Oyj

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