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WI teen saves friend choking on cheese curd

WI Teen Saves Friend Choking On Cheese Curd

When Will Olson (left) choked on food during school lunch, his buddy Ian Brown saved his life. (Credit: KARE)

WI Teen Saves Friend Choking On Cheese Curd

LA CROSSE, Wis. – The talk at La Crosse Central High School was all focused on last weekend s state basketball championship. Then freshmen Will Olson and Ian Brown found themselves in the middle of some heroics themselves. On Wednesday, Ian saved Will s life.

Someone cracked a pretty good joke and I was laughing so hard to the point of where I took a deep breath and that s when I started to choke, says Will, recounting his harrowing experience in the school lunchroom. That s when I really started to panic. Oh jeez, could I possibly die from this?

As Will choked, a security camera in the corner of the lunchroom recorded Ian assessing the situation from across the table, before calmly approaching his friend and performing the Heimlich maneuver. Ian positioned himself behind his friend, wrapped his arms around him and thrust his angled fists into Will s abdomen. He repeated the procedure four times and the piece of stuck food was expelled.

I was just relieved that he was still here, says Ian, who continued to tend to his friend even after the food had been freed.

I was very lucky to have him across the table from me, says Will. Lucky, because Will had just been refreshed in the Heimlich maneuver as part of his training in the police explorer program.

Will assessed the situation, just as he d been trained and went to work.

I had the training maybe a month ago, says Will. I plan to be a police officer, that s my plan. Ian and Will also have more immediate goals. They re planning to address the school board asking that basic CPR, including training in the Heimlich maneuver, be required in the district s mandatory health classes. Champions born for the second time a week.

I walked into PE and people were clapping, and I come into the lunch room and got a standing ovation and a bunch of kids were clapping, said Ian.

He then laughed and added, And I m like, alright, can I eat my lunch?

Give Ian the trophy for humility and heroics.

2017 KARE-TV

Report blames errors, complacency for RI inmate’s escape

A prisoner s New Year s Eve escape from a Rhode Island detention facility was easily preventable, inexcusable, and directly related to a series of human errors, according to a report released Friday. James Morales escaped from the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls and eluded police for five days before his capture in Somerville[1] on Jan. 5.

Three staff members were placed on paid administrative leave because of the incident and one officer resigned, but none of the workers are expected to face criminal charges, according to the preliminary report issued by the facility s board of directors. Morales, 35, escaped during recreational time after a guard searching him failed to notice a bedsheet hidden in Morales s winter coat and a crude, handmade cutting tool in his shoe. He was then left unattended in the yard.

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Just before 6:30 p.m., Morales climbed atop a basketball hoop backboard and cut through a chain-link fence. He made his way through razor wire and along the rooftop, hiding periodically behind mounted equipment, before tying the sheet to a lightning rod cable and jumping to the ground. After scaling another fence, he was free. The 7 p.m. bed check was not conducted a violation of policy and another bed check later that night somehow did not note Morales s absence. It was 11 p.m. before anyone noticed he was gone. Police were not called until 11:42 p.m.

MPs got rid of ‘intimidating’ armed guards at main gate

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MPs Got Rid Of 'intimidating' Armed Guards At Main Gate

A report found that some members and staff felt the presence of armed guards outside the main visitor entrances did not create a welcoming atmosphereHANNAH MCKAY/EPA

Permanent armed guards were removed from the gate at which PC Keith Palmer was murdered after MPs complained their presence was intimidatory , police sources have told The Times. The fixed armed position at Carriage Gates was replaced at some point over the past two years by a mobile firearms patrol. Parliamentary security sources confirmed that the switch had occurred but claimed it was because of Scotland Yard s concerns that a static armed officer on a gate that was usually open would be vulnerable to attack. The change in deployment could explain why the terrorist Khalid Masood was shot dead by a police close protection officer who happened to be on the scene rather than by a uniformed firearms officer stationed at Westminster.

Police and the

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