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American arrested for allegedly attacking security guard in Bali

The Kuta Police have arrested US national Garyn Cancio, 25, for allegedly attacking a security guard at a nightclub on the resort island of Bali on Sunday. The alleged attack took place at the Sky Garden Bar on Jl. Legian in Kuta, one of Bali s most popular tourist areas.

He was drunk and blocking the way for the bar s staff. A security officer asked him to move. Maybe he was offended. The American then attacked him, Kuta Police chief Comr. Wayan Sumara said on Tuesday. The security officer, identified as I Putu Gede Abdi Negara, suffered injuries to his ear and neck after being struck with a glass by Cancio.

The police said they would charge Cancio with assault and battery as stipulated under Article 351 of the Criminal Code. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. (ary)

Killer of Brooklyn security guard forgiven by victim’s mother

A gunman got sentenced Monday to 76 years to life in prison for callously murdering a hardworking father of six and permanently injuring another man.

He also got something else grace from the heartbroken mother of the man he killed.

I ll forgive you, but I will never forget what you did, Cheryl Locklear, the mother of Aaron Locklear, told killer Antonio Mahon.

Locklear, 30, and trainee James Merced, 28, were taking a lunch break from their job as security guards on Nov. 28, 2014, when Mahon walked passed them on Dumont Ave. in Brownsville. Then Mahon turned around and opened fire.

Killer Of Brooklyn Security Guard Forgiven By Victim's Mother

Cheryl Locklear, mother of murdered Aaron Locklear, forgave her son’s killer.

(Jesse Ward/for New York Daily News)

My son left behind six children, you took them away from him. You took him away from his family. I m praying you seek a Christian life while in prison, but I have forgiven you, Cheryl Locklear said in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Mahon, 22, admitted he thought Locklear and Merced were his enemies and was on drugs at the time of the shooting. Merced now uses a wheelchair.

I must say this, I never thought in my life as a judge, did I think I d have to impune a sentence like this to anyone, Supreme Court Justice ShawnDya Simpson said before giving Mahon 76 years to life.

Killer Of Brooklyn Security Guard Forgiven By Victim's Mother

Aaron Locklear was shot outside the housing complex where he worked by Antonio Mahon.

(instagram )

Prior to the shooting, Mahon chased after a young man armed with the murder weapon and pointed the same gun at a maintenance worker.

This is a very sad case. It pains my heart. It pains my soul that three young mens lives are ruined, but two really good men s lives are ruined, said Simpson.

Mahon told detectives he always walked around with a gun because he has problems with several gangs, including the HoodStarz, in the neighborhood.

Clayton Gravenhise, 22, a HoodStarz member, was on a revenge-fueled crime spree in 2014 after his brother Nathaniel Gravenhise was killed. Gravenhise suspected Mahon was the killer, sources said.

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Protecting the southern border requires mariners


As chairman of the Coast Guard and Maritime Subcommittee in the House of Representatives, I am proud to be an unwavering defender of the Jones Act a critical U.S. national security law that requires vessels moving from one U.S. port to another must be U.S.-built and U.S.-crewed. The Jones Act, in fact, is the quintessential definition of Buy American, Hire American. It s also a point that President Trump, along with his national security and economic teams, would be well-served to recognize in the effort to revive American industry and capability. While often conflated by foreign interests, the Jones Act ensures that vessels and workers engaged in coastwise trade are U.S.-compliant while providing domestic shipbuilding and mariner capacity to support our armed forces at times of war.

Underscoring the wide reach and necessity of the Jones Act, U.S. Customs and Border Protection s (CBP) Officer Michael Herbert recently spoke to a group of maritime executives outlining the unique national security challenges his office faces when policing the Gulf of Mexico. He addressed the inherent difficulties in trying to police and protect the more than 95,000 miles of coastline in the United States. In his remarks, Officer Herbert spoke about the importance of the Jones Act and its critical role in protecting the homeland first and foremost. In the Gulf of Mexico, for instance, this law also applies to vessels servicing the offshore platforms that deliver our nation s energy supplies exactly the type of critical infrastructure that CBP and others are committed to protecting. Because of this, the Jones Act has been supported by every modern president and has explicit support from our nation s Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy leadership. To further emphasize this crucial maritime capacity, CBP recently established the Jones Act Division of Enforcement (JADE) in New Orleans to support the office in ensuring vessel compliance.

Going even further, with the intent to ensure foreign crews are prevented from gaining access to our most precious and integral infrastructure, CBP issued a revocation of previous letter rulings affecting offshore service vessels that allowed foreign companies and crews to take advantage of a loophole and circumvent the build and staffing requirements of the Jones Act. Naturally, foreign entities are now upset that their loophole has been closed and are making unfounded claims to pressure on the CBP to drop the revocation. The fact of the matter is that if the revocation proceeds, as it should, there will be 3,200 U.S. jobs generated in the Gulf of Mexico alone with absolutely no disruption of offshore energy exploration and production. The added benefit of these jobs means that an estimated additional 1,000 mariners will be qualified to help the U.S. Ready Reserve Fleet, which is activated in times of war to move military cargo to war zones.

Duncan Hunter, a California Republican and former U.S. Marine, is chairman of the House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee.