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Reality check: Are Canada’s border and immigration controls too lax?

If you re crossing into Canada by car, there s a chance you and your vehicle won t be properly screened as you pass a border checkpoint.The supervisor monitoring the checkpoint may not have been trained to detect possible corruption or rule-breaking by the guard who waves you through, and probably hasn t been watching that guard very closely over the past few shifts.And the guard himself may have shared his computer login information with another border officer, making it harder to track which one of them actually dealt with you as you entered the country.Those are just some of the holes in Canada s border and immigration control systems that need to be patched, the federal auditor general reported[1] on Tuesday.WATCH: Australian man detained at U.S.-Canada border for overstaying visa by 90 minutes Reality Check: Are Canada's Border And Immigration Controls Too Lax?


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Ohio man unknowingly drops cocaine baggie during traffic court

Security cameras in a Lorain, Ohio[1] courtroom captured the moment when a small baggie of cocaine[2] dropped out of man s hat as he appeared before a judge for a minor traffic violation.Lemar Reed, 39, was in court April 20 to enter his plea when a small plastic bag filled with white powder dropped out of the baseball cap he was holding in his hands.Reed was oblivious[4] to his drug[5] drop.READ MORE: Man shocks girlfriend by proposing in courtroom; judge plays along[6]No one noticed the bag on the floor until the security guard spotted it an hour later, according to Judge Mark Mihok, who was presiding over traffic court that day.Mihok told Fox 8[7] that the guard suspected the substance was a narcotic, so it was sent to be tested by the local police department. It tested positive for cocaine, said Mihok.Staff scoured the security footage until they spotted Reed s unknowing drop and a warrant was issued for Reed s arrest. He was only here for a traffic ticket, said Mihok. He made a simple traffic ticket where there was only a possibility of a fine into a felony. So, not a good day for him. Follow @jennynotjen[8]


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Security camera captures brawl between cop, guard inside Kentucky jail

Most of the time, a jailhouse brawl tends to involve inmates, not police officers.But that wasn t the case earlier this month when a jailer came to blows with a sheriff s deputy inside a Kentucky jail.According to a joint statement by the Hardin County Detention Center and the Hardin County Sherriff s Department, the incident occurred on Feb. 8 when Deputy Clennon Smith got into a verbal altercation with Hardin County Deputy Jailer Joe Funk.Related


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