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Security flaw among problems facing Hawaii's correctional centers …

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Daniel Skelton, the inmate who escaped from Oahu Community Correctional Center Monday morning, was still on the loose Monday night.

Skelton s escape was the second from OCCC in as many weeks. But unlike the inmate last week, Skelton was not out on work furlough.

Prison officials said Skelton broke out of the jail through the ceiling, made it onto the roof, then somehow made it over or through the barbed wire fence.

The 23-year-old was discovered missing during the 6 a.m. head count.

Officials say Skelton was being held in a building that was actually built for the work furlough program, but because of overcrowding, it was converted into cells for medium security inmates.

He may have been able to pry open some boards, again it s a wooden building it wasn t really built for this kind of inmate.

He was able to pry some boards up there and get out from the crawl space onto the roof, said Dept. of Public Safety Director Ted Sakai.

None of the guards saw him escape and no alarms went off, according to officials.

This situation looks like or sounds like something that would ve happened in a TV drama or movie where an inmate found a weak spot or vulnerability in the system and he was able to exploit it and get out, Sen. Will Espero, (D) Public Safety Chair said.

It didn t take long for Skelton to figure out how to break out of OCCC.

He was brought to OCCC on June 4 after violating his probation terms in connection with a burglary conviction.

He was admitted on June 4, so 12 days ago, pretty good, Sakai said.

Our jails and prisons should be 110-percent escape-proof and obviously that is not the case, Espero said.

Skelton s escape is one of several problems the Dept. of Public Safety s Corrections Division is facing. Another is the constant cancellation of inmate visits because of staffing shortages.

While DPS says the guard towers at OCCC were fully staffed when Skelton escaped, there seems to be a major shortage on the weekends.

The Senate has scheduled a public hearing to work toward a solution.

This has been an ongoing problem that I know has been going on for decades and it s still going on, Sen.

Espero said. It s unfortunate. You have Mother s Day, for example, you have to cancel family visits and it s really bad when we hear on Super Bowl Sunday a large number of ACOs (adult corrections officers) call in sick.


Espero scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, June 18 at 1 p.m. in conference room 224 at the State Capitol. DPS officials will be there.

I would like to check with the department to see exactly what solutions they re thinking about, what they re looking at implementing and how we can make sure these are minimized or eliminated, he said.

The last time an inmate broke out of OCCC was nearly 10 years ago when, on December 20, 2004, Michael Ventura scaled the fence that surrounds the jail.

He was captured the next morning.

A DPS spokesperson said Ventura was released on probation in June 2009.

The majority of escape cases have to do with work furlough walkaways, and such was the case with Allan Abihai1.

He went out on work furlough last Tuesday morning and didn t return that night like he was supposed to.

Abihai is a convicted sex offender.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Abihai or Skelton, call 911.


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Droid Roams Offices, Reports Suspicious Behavior – The Rundown …

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown LiveSecurity robot Bob's ID card at the G4S Technology offices in Tewkesbury12

Meet Bob, the first robotic security guard in the UK3, he is the latest in robotic security, and is being developed by G4S4 & The University of Birmingham to get robots integrated around the world.

The droid stores the information on internal hard-drives and reports it to humans, noting any unusual activity.

It patrols from room to room, scanning and filming in 3D.

If something has changed since it s last visit, the input is analyzed and sent to a real security guard.

Using cameras and scanners the bot is able to create a map of the surrounding area, including the location of objects in the room, people moving, and learning how the environment changes.

The autonomous android even speaks including, asking for help when it gets stuck, and asking for a battery charge.

DailyMail reports5:

Bob is not about replacing our security officers; the security officers are at the point of use, said G4S spokesman Stewart Angell.

They are able to make incisive, very, very quick decisions about changes in the environment.

Bob is a complimentary activity that can do guard tours over a period of time overnight or during the day, but also pick up on some of the low level activities that the guard doesn t necessary need to be involved in.

Dr Nick Hawes, from the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, said: Current robots aren t very good with their hands, or able to manipulate objects, however Bob is good at driving around and monitoring objects, so is perfect for a job in security as a night or day watchman where he can monitor what is going on in his immediate surroundings.

We want to see Bob survive on his own for up to 15 days, doing jobs that are useful for security, for example, checking whether fire doors are obstructed, whether there is paper on desks.

The project is being led by the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

A similar robot called Werner is currently being tested in a care home in Vienna, Austria, as part of the same project.

Werner will carry out similar security duties to Bob, but he is also able to play simple games with residents in the home.

Bob the autonomous android can even speak to his colleagues, ask for help when he gets stuck, and plug himself in to charge when his battery runs low.</p>
<p>The 6ft tall blue machine is part of a 7.2 million ($12.2 million) robot pilot project by the University of Birmingham to get robots in offices around the world” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /></p>
<p>Bob (pictured) the autonomous android can speak to his colleagues, ask for help when he gets stuck, and plug himself in to charge when his battery runs low.</p>
<p>The blue machine is part of a 7.2 million ($12.2 million) robot pilot project by the University of Birmingham to get robots in offices around the world</p>
<p><img class=

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Whitecroft to be added to SPFR protection area

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue will include the village of Whitecroft in their protection area as of January 1, 2015.

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue will include the village of Whitecroft
in their protection area as of January 1, 2015.

It s positive reactions all around after 70 per cent of Whitecroft property owners voted to have Sun Peaks Fire Rescue (SPFR) protect them should a fire occur.

I m pleased with the outcome, as I hope the community is, says Helen Jones, president of the Whitecroft Community Association. It will be great to have the peace of mind for all of us and the protection from our close neighbours, Sun Peaks.

Ron Storie, manager of community services for the Thompson-Nicola Regional District explains some logistics have to be addressed between now and January 1, 2015, the start date of the fire protection coverage.

This is more of a process-driven thing where we now have to send something down to Victoria so they can speak to it, the board will have to adopt a bylaw. Then we ll have to implement budgeting for next years budget before the coverage could start, he says.

Storie shares Jones positive outlook about the final vote saying, I m just pleased that the residence definitely voiced in a strong manner that they wanted to see this service move forward.

I think it s great to see that the process works.

The Whitecroft Village Water Users Society breaks ground for a new fire hydrant in preparation for fire protection.

The Whitecroft Village Water Users Society breaks ground for a new fire
hydrant in preparation for fire protection.

Work has already begun in Whitecroft to prepare their resources for the protection, including upgrading the water reservoir, and installing a new hydrant.

As for the fire department going through any additional training, SPFR Chief Bill Stoner says they re, pretty much ready to go right now, we just have to a little bit of familiarization with (Whitecroft s) water supply system.

He, too, thinks this voting outcome has opened new opportunities for both the Sun Peaks and Whitecroft communities.

Whitecroft residence are our neighbours and many of the people in Whitecroft play an active role in our community and I m happy that we can help them out in this way, says Stoner.

I think with opening up the fire protection to the community of Whitecroft it d be great to have some residence of Whitecroft join the Sun Peaks fire department.

Check out their wesites for more info on Sun Peaks Fire Rescue and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District 12


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