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Few warm greetings from Florida for Donald Trump’s budget

There seems to be something for almost everyone to dislike in the budget proposal President Donald Trump unveiled Thursday morning.

The plan doesn t make any sense, stated Florida s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

I do not support the proposed 28 percent cut to our international affairs budget and diplomatic efforts led by the State Department, stated Florida s Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio. The president s proposed budget, released early Thursday, drew a handful of responses from Florida s 27 members of House of Representatives, mostly from Democrats, and most of them went much further than Nelson in their condemnations, citing proposed deep cuts ranging from the arts to the Coast Guard, cancer research to the TSA, or schools to seniors programs like Meals on Wheels, jobs training to Everglades.

The Trump budget is an immoral affront to nearly all of our most important priorities, declared Democratic U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. So far only Republican U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross in Florida s congressional delegation has spoken out in strong support, though Rubio did point out something he liked in the budget: Trump s incorporation of Rubio s ideas to expand school choice with tax credits. But the senator cautioned to not take Trump s budget too seriously, because, it is Congress that will actually set the nation s policy priorities and fund them.

I will continue to review all the details of this budget proposal for areas of common interest, he concluded.

Ross, of Lakeland, said the budget was true to Trump s promises and a snapshot of a strong conservative vision for the size and role of our government.

In addition to a renewed focus on the military, this proposed budget keeps the President s word to prioritize border security, veterans health care, and school choice, as well as reduce burdensome regulations that harm small businesses and economic growth, Ross continued. With our national debt quickly approaching $20 trillion, we cannot afford to waste any more taxpayer dollars on duplicative and ineffective government programs. Republican U.S. Rep. Mario D az-Balart took a similar tone to Rubio, saying the budget attempts to focus on our nation s real fiscal challenges and presents an opportunity for conversations about national priorities and the national debt. Then he concluded, I look forward to Congress exercising its oversight role and ultimately making funding decisions.

Not many areas of common interest were cited by Florida s 12 Democrats, including Nelson.

You re going to cut some of our most important agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, which is working to find cures for cancer and Alzheimer s, the Environmental Protection Agency, which keeps our air and water clean, and the Army Corps of Engineers, which is working to restore the Everglades, Nelson stated. I agree that we must do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe, but cutting all of these important programs to pay for things, such as a wall, just doesn t make any sense. In a Facebook post, Democratic U.S. Rep. Darren Soto of Orlando called Trump s proposal an irresponsible budget which decimates investments in America s future to fund tax cuts for the rich. He proposed cuts to our Coast Guard (border security?), scientific research, commerce, state department, environment protection, agriculture and our nuclear program among countless others. We will fight to protect our future! Democratic U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist of St. Petersburg declared Budgets are statements of our values as a people. The statement made today by the Trump Administration is that climate change isn t real, our environment is not important, diplomacy is a waste of time, medical breakthroughs aren t beneficial, the poor are on their own, and the arts, despite their small price tag, aren t of significance.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa went into far more detail, arguing from the start that the budget fails to deliver on Trump s campaign promises to help the middle class and create jobs. She cited deep or complete cuts in after-school programs, college students PELL grants, transportation projects such as Tampa s Riverwalk, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration s efforts to improve marine biology health, and the EPA.

It is clear that Trump s budget is not balanced in a way that our community needs and expects. It shifts even more economic burdens onto the shoulders of working families, guts important services and investments in our economy, attacks vital education programs and hurts Tampa Bay s sensitive natural resources, she concluded. Democratic U.S. Rep. Al Lawson of Tallahassee said a budget should reflect society s values, and that this budget does not reflect those of his district.

President Trump s budget calls for extreme cuts to vital funding for job training, clean energy, medical research, and public education, Lawson stated. It is a shortsighted plan that seeks to give tax breaks to the wealthiest while taking away lifelines for those who need it most.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Val Demings of Orlando responded only by retweeting a post from Congressional Black Caucus chair U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Louisiana Democrat who noted that African Americans have a lot to lose under this administration and the budget proposal is proof.

Wasserman Schultz provided the strongest language in her condemnations.

Aside from the horrific health care cuts that will push tens of millions of people into higher-cost plans, or no coverage at all, this budget proposal sacrifices too many safety, environmental, labor and health protections, all just to ultimately deliver grotesque tax breaks to the wealthy, she stated in a release issued by her office. It weakens or eliminates funding for, among many other things, transportation, clean energy, health research, public education and housing, legal services, national diplomacy, the arts and humanitarian aid. And while Trump s budget purports to improve our national security, it reportedly starves crucial aspects of it by putting our coasts and airports in dire jeopardy. This budget proposal is a gut punch to America s families, their needs, and their values.

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Liberty Passion joins Maritime Security Program

MARCH 16, 2017 A 2017 built 20,508 dwt PC/TC Ro/Ro has been brought under U.S. flag and was welcomed into the (MSP) earlier this month by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao in the port of Beaumont, Texas. Renamed the M/V Liberty Passion, the vessel was built by the Hyundai Samho shipyard in Korea and is the third ship owned by Liberty Global Logistics to join the MSP fleet.

“Today we are celebrating a public-private partnership that is strengthening America’s Merchant Marine, as well as America’s Armed Forces,” said Secretary Chao. “A healthy U.S. maritime industry crewed by American merchant mariners is a vital part of our national security at ready call to support the Armed Forces and carry military equipment and suppliers to the frontlines.”

The Liberty Passion adds more than 165,000 square feet of militarily useful deck area into U.S. sealift service. It has the capacity to transport up to approximately 6,500 cars on 12 decks, as well as military wheeled and containerized equipment such as M-ATVs, HUMVEEs, MRAPs, armored personnel carriers, tanks, helicopters and unit equipment. The Maritime Security Program provided the Department of Defense (DOD) with a powerful, mobile, privately-owned U.S.-flag and U.S.-crewed fleet of commercial ships to call on in times of crisis. Managed by the Maritime Administration, the MSP guarantees access to commercial sealift and the intermodal capabilities necessary to meet U.S. wartime requirements.

Created by Congress in 1996, the MSP has since proven to be a key component in U.S. commercial sealift capacity, recognized by Congress as the critical fourth arm of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Four Australians claim to have been intimate with Justin Bieber

Four Australians Claim To Have Been Intimate With Justin Bieber

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He’s known to be a charmer with the ladies. And on Wednesday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, three different girls and a man called into the program, claiming they had all had got intimate with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, 23, in recent years.

“He got out his d**k,” claimed one female, before going on to say that they “did the deed.”

A female going under the name of ‘Kora’ claimed she got intimate with Justin last year, when the crooner was staying at The Pullman Hotel in Sydney, the Daily Mail reports[1]. Hoping to persuade co-hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson into believing her, Kora said: ‘I was at the carpark waiting for his car to come out. A black hire car came out and Justin said “Hi”.

“Justin and his security guard started murmuring to each other. The security guard asked, ‘What are you guys doing later? Would you like to come up to the hotel?'”

While up at the hotel room with five other friends, Kora claimed that there was a lot of “small talk.”

“He got out his d**k,’ Kora claimed, with the star reportedly saying: ‘Come in here, I’ve got something to show you.

“He leaned in closer,’ and we “did the deed.”

Continued below.

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Four Australians Claim To Have Been Intimate With Justin BieberVideo

Bieber impersonates Jonah from Summer Heights High

[2]Four Australians Claim To Have Been Intimate With Justin Bieber

Pulled pork sliders

[3]Four Australians Claim To Have Been Intimate With Justin Bieber

Herald daily quiz: March 6


Another girl going by the name ‘Sam’ claimed she was with Justin at an indoor skate park, before being cut off by co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, who failed to believe her. While another reportedly met Justin while at a carpark at The Sheraton Hotel in Sydney in 2013. Women however were not the only ones to call in, with a male going under the name of ‘Joe’ suggesting and clearly joking that he and Justin “had a moment’ while having a joint on the beach.”

Daily Mail Australia reached out to Justin’s management for comment.

The claims come shortly after The Daily Telegraph reported that Justin had “hand-picked twelve glamorous models” for a luxury cruise on board vessel, The Pearl, in Melbourne last week. And a video published by gossip site 15 Minutes Of Fame[5], recently surfaced, that saw the Sorry hitmaker disembarking the vessel with a bevvy of beauties. Justin was dressed down in oversized sweats and was the first to leave, followed by a group of scantily-clad females.

It was also reported by The Daily Telegraph that Justin’s sailing squad were required to sign non-disclosure agreements and leave their phones, prior to boarding.

caption this [6]

A post shared by C H O N N Y (@chontelleberryman) on Mar 11, 2017 at 12:34am PST

Instagram models Roze Cook and Nyssa Large were also said to be hand-picked by the crooner. While on the yacht, Justin was pictured shooting a wry smile while dressed in relaxed attire and clutching his smartphone. He was later seen sitting among the slender beauties, checking his phone intermittently.

While Instagram models Roze Cook and Nyssa Large were said to be chosen by the crooner, a source recently told Daily Mail Australia that Melbourne-based Chadwick model Chontelle Berryman was also in attendance. And one of the blonde beauty’s most recent social media snaps appeared to confirm this.
While posing with Roze on board a luxury yacht, Chontelle wrote next to the snap: ‘Caption this’. A follower of hers commented underneath with a series of Justin Bieber-related hash-tags, to which Chontelle simply replied with a monkey emoji.

Four Australians Claim To Have Been Intimate With Justin Bieber

Daily Mail[7]


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