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Farnek enters Abu Dhabi security services market

(MENAFN Editorial)

Leading FM company signs business partnership with Abu Dhabi businesswoman HE Badria Almulla; UAE FM sector poised for 9% annual growth over the next five years – security services expected to register fastest rate of growth

Dubai, UAE, March 28, 2017: Leading UAE-based total facilities management company, Farnek has now entered the Abu Dhabi security market and can now provide full protection services across the entire range of real estate assets, such as commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, hotels and industrial premises.

The move follows the formal signing of a business partnership agreement with HE Badria Almulla, Chairperson of the Abu-Dhabi-based International Emirates Business Group (IeBG).

‘We are honored to serve our beloved country and to support its vision of being a hub for business excellence. To that end we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Farnek, not only because of their enviable reputation, solid experience and technical expertise, but also because I am confident that together, we can help to raise the bar in terms of TQM, HSE and CSR, while simultaneously achieving great business results.

With existing customers in the banking, residential real estate and industrial premises, initially Farnek will station 100 guards at its Abu Dhabi offices and increase resources in line with market demand. Farnek plans to have over 500 security personnel permanently based in Abu Dhabi by 2020.
‘Industry experts value the current UAE FM sector at around 6 billion. So, if 9% annual growth is accurate that means the FM sector should be growing at approximately 500 million per year, calculated Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek.

Farnek has been providing total FM services in the UAE for more than 37 years and until now has subcontracted its security services in Abu Dhabi. But due to demand from its customers and the market potential, especially for manpower tracking systems, fully automated incident reporting and automated access control, Farnek decided to set up its own dedicated security company in Abu Dhabi in partnership with HE Badria Almulla.

Speaking about the partnership, Oberlin said: ‘HE Badria is highly respected and is a multi-award-winning businesswoman. Her leadership and support will be invaluable to us.

‘We already have a workforce of over 4,000 employees, with more than 200 vehicles, so naturally we will benefit from economies of scale. This will allow us to integrate the security services seamlessly into our existing operation. We will also be able to service contracts that require broader FM services across multiple UAE locations, especially for banks, branded retail outlets, restaurants and hotels, added Oberlin.

According to the research company TechSci, the facilities management (FM) industry in the UAE is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of up to 9% over the next five years, driven by mega projects like Abu Dhabi’s Emirate-wide Vision 2030, and Urban Development Master Plan 2020.

In total, it is estimated that there are over 55 billion worth of major infrastructure projects in the UAE, the majority with completion dates within the next decade. With mega projects in Abu Dhabi as the Etihad railway network, Abu Dhabi Airport expansion and Abu Dhabi Metro, as such the FM sector is facing a period of robust and sustained growth not only in Abu Dhabi but throughout the UAE.

‘The focus of the UAE government is also to diversify the economy away from hydrocarbon receipts. Quite apart from managing new smart buildings the maintenance of older buildings and facilities is also providing the FM sector with ample opportunity, added Oberlin.


Mother livid about ‘horrifying’ airport security patdown

Mother livid about horrifying airport security patdown

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Mother Livid About 'horrifying' Airport Security Patdown

An American mother has posted an online video of her young son Aaron after he was subjected to a horrifying patdown by security staff at Dallas Fort-Worth airport in Texas. Jennifer Williamson said her son was pulled aside despite the fact he did not set off any alarms and was forced to stand still for two minutes as a TSA officer ran his hands over his body. Aaron remained quiet for the entirety of the patdown, but Jennifer said he was confused and distressed afterwards and feared he d done something wrong.

We have been through hell this morning, she wrote on her Facebook page. They detained Aaron for well over an hour at DFW. (And deliberately kept us from our flight we are now on an alternate) We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules.

She said Aaron suffers from sensory processing disorder and she didn t want him to be touched like that because of his condition. While the patdown appears to be normal at first, the officer then repeatedly runs his hands underneath Aaron s waistband on his shorts and around his groin. The video has been shared thousands of times since Jennifer posted it and has garnered opinions from both sides.

While some say the TSA officer took it too far, others argued he was just doing his job. In light of the increased terrorist threat around the world, airports have beefed up security across all levels, including physical patdowns. While the changes have been met with support by most travellers, there are some concerns that by pulling Aaron and other children aside for checks like this, they are missing the chance to catch more likely suspects. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Do you think they took it too far here? Or were they just doing their job?

Caught On Cam: Security Guard Clings To Car

Kentucky police are searching for a shoplifter who made an extreme and dangerous getaway Monday.

An undercover loss prevention officer had her eye on the suspect dressed when he grabbed a toolbox and ran from a Crescent Springs Home Depot.

She gave chase, and wound up on the hood of the suspect’s car.

Security video shows the suspect stop the car abruptly, sending the security guard flying to the ground.