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DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays ‘Trump or Kanye’ Game

DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays ‘Trump or Kanye’ Game Video – ABC News

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DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays 'Trump Or Kanye' Game



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Transcript for DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays ‘Trump or Kanye’ Game

Really going to put you happier in Washington who’s done their own limits Grail that gray recline either. Yeah I hate George I think I want you take it way up some final comeback and a little bit. All right thanks George young we are right here our political happy over the old epic Brill a beautiful establishment historical look at real grants far. Right here with the aids steamed the political panel joining us right after Shawna walls. My colleague at ABC news Roosevelt mall and new democratic strategist and at a Navarro Republican strategist aligned with Jeb Bush and guys I want to kick off we got on scene here when it off with a game okay in this game that this game is called trouble work hot day all right I am going to read a quote. And you guys have titles this man I think we all agree this guy’s trump. Let’s define terms this guy is kinda case against other tell me. Which Mobil said wishful economy he defended a little bit too so just coming to put you on the spot at Paris this is a quote quote I’m feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it. Proper Condit I’m gonna say con. All right wrote all I have too busy writing history to read it. The average only sounds like it Connie and Condit what Kanye. You know that brag it is just like that he holds the trump says. It’s a completely different kind of breakfast it’s now okay what do you say on. I think that’s Kanye oh while trump what say. I’m Donald Trump I wrote the art of the deal. Oh good luck that’s all right federal rightfully experts are right what for want all right next up. Both part of the beauty of me is I am very rich. Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich there’s a quote the department that benefit from truck companies and the top about his well. Both from you because he’s always talking about average is and that’s going to be president. I know what’s on two but I have had that on this one because I think that they had actually been trump it would have been because I’m. And then Green Bay AM. It’s like watching that yeah. You guys are too good for the gave support to pursue this adult humpback 12011 when he didn’t run for president last we’ll preview the value of the you via our lives you know like he was Daniel rich fact that. That’s right. He didn’t yet pet apprentice and he got baby I read that was kind of spirit that went. OK and the last one for this game quote we’re currently led by the least noble least talents at least respect at least respectful people politicians’ period. Such forward to hardline a message from. But is that rebel. When you I’m hesitating they thought yet Kanye OK yeah sounds like something that he play. He just sounds like something you that all right what do you say on the eight from. Because there’s so many movies and so many thought but. But I’m not so than offense isn’t extent does that yeah having tough broad milieu indicate it will. As the scale back in 2013 and that’s why I mean that I knew that you think parents really changed everything out of do you feel like it’s a totally different race now we kind of where we were we gonna forget about us and we. You know we do have a short term memory. But I do think it changes things eye to eye you know we we Ina 24/7 youths cycle and certainly since Perez it’s all been about national security it’s been about foreign policy and the feeding crisis. I think people are worried and outweigh that they might be flight has been on it has brought in eight new factored into the race that we haven’t seen. But yet I you know that. I call I hope it changes things I hope that means that. Republican voters will realize that this is not a contest for entertainer and chief if they contest on commander in chief. And these are serious issues what they think. And I need to drink some more want to. A pretty broad a look at what you did this and trumping Carson in serious consideration to think power problem is he’s going out there aren’t saying let’s bomb ice as football license and I think if there was always going to be something that. I was gonna the bottoms and Pollock for trump and Carson in this Ferrell might yet I think it plays to sidestep strength even think it plays redistrict us a little bit more. I don’t know if this but Ahmadinejad finally and I do. Eugenia they may not not see anything going to oh that’s right Democrats think it. As earlier this podium I’ll come on I’m to get started so. I think that. You know we look with. Looking at this I don’t know. It’s gonna be the defining issue in in the election but national security is now on the table mountains is going away anytime soon what do you say such as they are things different now is that finally got. I am I think that things are changing and yes the news cycle of an affect changes so fast. But when voters when Americans are nervous when they’re scared they’re gonna vote differently and I think that. But the cannons that portray it that it’s gonna help I don’t necessarily mean I think that that that. Means that don’t come won’t. Yeah because of his economists. What do you say about ice is outsourcing to focus group yesterday and one woman so that she looked like don’t come because he thought it would be good on farm policy. Hang in the last three days you know since Friday when this happens we haven’t heard any discussion on the Egyptian hands right we haven’t heard any discussion time. Whether you would kill baby Hitler not. We have all rebels and not only a lot of discussion on ice this on foreign policy on national security. Thought anything has changed it nothing else to convert a debate and a conversation Goodell urinal Bubba guy how do you take on Ben Carson. He just seems because he’s he’s so well liked. People respect him they feel like they just take they know him even if they don’t know it because policy. That shocking story the New York Times today where his own advisors say he’s not up to speed on foreign policy but it any other Republicans actually go there. No listen I I think that been person’s gonna wind up and kind of party has shooting himself in the foot as an upload you have if I’m on the other side. I’m not spending lifetime and Ben Carson and also not spend a lot of time on Donald Trump because when it comes down to it and when you get the people letter on the east Asian now that are going to be president. Donald Trump then cars and they’re not be president pro experience deputy president we are looking at Jeb Bush will be a marker rubio and are probably looking at Ted Cruz his run probably aren’t done silently probably be best organized campaign. What do you what do you think. Such is there any way to bring up Parsons someone like Carson and bring up himself right I think that if you’re an opposing campaign not a Republican you just. Can you Ben Carson alone and let him shouldn’t covenant but dig at congress whenever an out do we wanna use and that its he’s been working. So Bobby Jindal dropped out just yesterday there’s now a fierce battle on for the 0%. That he had pegged you as a black eye for candidates in the past what keeps you going as a candidate. And if you Bobby Jindal yours is advisor to senior Celtics year old you’re not on the mean streets these debates how these guys get up in the morning. Let me just explain to you I would not have been. Bobby Jindal advice that I need to do better I’d be happy I don’t I want Backus that was a huge fan of the previous. Bastion of Bobby Jindal. I think he turned into what shape shift in this space and it was very painful let me see I think they’re that I was incredibly decent incredibly bright. But I think that. He not only lost an election he lost himself in the process and that is the tragic plight. So I hope that Bobby Jindal goes back to his original shape. I hope he helps grow the body wealthiest. All right I want it now switch to the Democrats are. We got another game for this we even need a new paddle board for you guys this one is called. Trumped up you don’t yeah. I want you could bring one home when BUY one of them on several 111 call will you guys all have won this one. This one is called did she write it and I am going to need you a quote. And it is either a real quote get from Hillary Clinton email or is a big vote. Hillary Clinton emailing you this happy if you think it’s a real one he does hold up the sign says we’re out of sight latest Everett there guard Erica I’m okay I. What you want one of these. Jim every other area there’s nothing okay don’t want this is Dick. Better not regulated that I OK first book. I’d love sobre Thomas whatever that means explanation when I look some honest whatever that means hello hey real what do you think. I had no idea of a mango thrilled to go with real. That things on these emails are so yeah. Polygamy okay read a little that you guys are all right there are really really very high there were some protests. At DePaul university and elsewhere about sobre harvests in Cuba this kind of silly so he’s at so she likes the Hobbits OK next up. Quote are you up at talking I’m home pondering. Are you up for talking on home pondering did Hillary write that in an actual email that is now in a government server is there for the world. I’m gonna say yes also that and there are a lot of homes in the house. Others say yes I think that’s been reported somewhere of her having a conversation with a friend rivers and trying to figure some things out something else. This same conversation where did you like poll has John but that’s something about fox. With a look at White Sox it was about an interview this it was giving it wasn’t actually email to Cheryl Mills October 2009 it finally got a real estate quote. Can someone get me Bernie sanders’ email can someone get me Bernie Sanders the hell did she say it just I’m an essay about not Ralph thank what do you think. Not real to that would know why would have happened lawsuit isn’t the State Department. I’m gonna compete Alan you know have my wife Katie campaign theme I believe it. Barney and as I don’t you guys are too good okay a couple minutes left here but honestly the top of the Democrats. Does Hillary have this route I am a couple of minutes left yeah. Sadler and you only taking you from the waist up because I warned that bastion west yeah nobody can beat me. Just. That is. That issues are famous and so is brought Els pockets where. This but at night I just wanted to I want to ask you guys we talk a lot about Hillary Clinton you’re from now though right validity in the transition period right after the election. Will anyone be actually uttering the words president from and a. Well I want to go by that I would have felt it. Candidate running around the petition trying to get these kinds sit on Twitter to them until I’m. But a lot of invited guy and chased around by born I don’t know I’m not going to be in Goodell what do you think president trump to the worst happen. Yeah I can’t even I could even. Those words you can’t perform them in your mouth I’ll that this will not happen that doesn’t premiere at. Ana Navarro road Dell and and interest on a thank you so much for being here but fun to be with you with the political happy hour George I’m back to you in the DNA that things. Guy that guys so my wife wasn’t watching as she’s gonna wanna go by Sudan issues. Time to thank you because a lot.

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DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays 'Trump Or Kanye' Game

DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays 'Trump Or Kanye' Game DC Happy Hour: Political Experts Talk 2016, Plays 'Trump Or Kanye' Game


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Finding Strength in the Face of Fear: Hartland Woman in Paris Carries On After …

Finding Strength In The Face Of Fear: Hartland Woman In Paris Carries On After ...

Emma Delaney

Editor s Note: This post, originally published to Emma Delaney s Popping Around Paris blog on Wednesday, is cross-posted to the Upper Valley Dispatch blog with permission. Delaney, who is from Hartland and attended Hanover High School, graduated from New York University with a degree in English and politics in May. She is working in Paris as an English teaching assistant in two elementary schools with the French government s Teaching Assistant Program in France initiative.[1][2][3]

Our world in Paris was rocked on Friday night with the attacks. I wrote a piece published[4] in the Sunday Valley News describing what it was like while the attacks were happening, but I haven t had much time to reflect on what it s been like to move forward and to try and pick up the normal life we all had before. That s what it feels like our lives were smashed and shattered on Nov. 13, and now we are left holding the pieces, trying to rebuild the fragile existence we had just five days ago. Paris is not back to normal. This morning I woke up to news that the other terrorists have been found holed up in the northern Paris suburb of Saint Denis. On the Metro home last night from baby-sitting, I shared the car with two policemen, both wearing bulletproof vests and holding long sniper guns in their hands. I was maybe a foot away from one of the policeman s guns. Cafes, stores, and businesses have reopened, but there are many things still closed. When I went for a run on Monday night to the American Church in Paris (I wouldn t call myself religious, but for right now, I crave this peace and sanctuary), I found it dark and bolted shut with a security guard outside. The Eiffel Tower and the Luxembourg Gardens are both closed for now. Hastily printed signs, like the one in the photo[5] at the top of this page, are everywhere.

I think I m becoming immune to what s normal and what s not. And yet, this fear and terror that I ve felt and that has gripped Paris in the past week, is horrifically the norm for so many people in other parts of the world. In Israel, in Syria, in Lebanon, and too many other cities, this is what they must experience on a daily basis. I ve experienced a taste of this for a week, but this is their day to day. I can go home to small town Vermont. They can t. For the past terribly sad weekend, I ve tried to publicly pay my respects to those whose lives were cruelly ripped away from them or forever changed after Friday, but fear has frustratingly gotten in the way.

On Sunday evening, I was two stops away from meeting my friend at Republique a Metro stop with a large outdoor plaza where many of the vigils for the victims are taking place when I got a text from my friend: Emma, don t come. I texted back immediately: What s happened? Has there been another attack? Are you OK? The only text she sent back was: Stop and then again, don t come. I texted back was it safe to take the Metro home, and she didn t respond. Over the Metro intercom, I heard a burst of French saying something about why the Republique stop had now been closed, so I switched lines and went home as fast as I could. Just 48 hours after the Friday attacks, I again found my heart racing wondering if there had been another terrorist attack, if my friend was OK, whether I was even safe to be underground or if I should be walking home, even though I was more than an hour away? Later I found out that it had thankfully been a false alarm someone had supposedly set off firecrackers (I don t know why anyone would ever do this after Friday s tragedy), and the crowd gathered at the square thought it was gunshots, triggering pandemonium. This is what my friend got caught in when she texted me. When I met her on Monday to see how she was doing she described a scene of panic and terror once again a stampede of people screaming, running for cover; she and her friend hiding in a dark bathroom of a hotel with five other strangers, fearing for their lives. They didn t know if it was real or not. Some heard it was a false alarm and others heard that there was a man outside with a gun. When they finally escaped outside and all the taxis were taken, my friend ran from car to car, begging someone to pick them up and take them away from there. Eventually, someone stopped for them. It turned out to be a plainclothes policeman in an unmarked car. He saved them, but told them that they really shouldn t be gathering in public places right now with large crowds. They should be inside, he said, staying safe.

After the failed Republique visit, on Monday, I woke up early, resolved to start the day off with a positive attitude and to not give in to fear, only to look out my window and see a man dressed all in black[6] crouching on the rooftops across the way. He had a black bag with him, and so my immediate thought was that he was a sniper. In my pajamas, I ran down to the administrative office of my dorm, only to find at the desk the secretary who spoke no English. I babbled in French how there was a man, all in black, out my window I didn t know the word for roof in French, so I frantically gestured up high with my hands. Fifth floor, I told her. Please come. They were setting up for an important conference with cabinet members and well-dressed people were looking at me with concern, in my flip-flops and shorts and old soccer uniform. When the secretary met me upstairs in my bedroom thankfully the man was still out there, so I wasn t losing my mind and I pulled back the curtain, she immediately told me he was a chimney sweeper. That long rod he had, that he was now stuffing down a chimney as we watched, was his chimney cleaner, not a sniper gun. It was a scary moment, but also a slightly humorous one. When she did identify who the man was and what he was doing, a wash of relief came over me. I asked, pas une terroriste? (translation: not a terrorist?), a question clearly indicative of my frayed nerves.

And so, even though I want to be strong and to not give into the fear in the face of terrorism (which is exactly what terrorists want to instill), it has been difficult. I know everyone in Paris is a bit on edge, but it is getting better every day as we try and progress into a new normal. The lingering fear is not just because we re jittery from the monstrous Friday attacks, but also because, as President Francois Hollande has declared, France is now at war. Talking to my friends who live here more permanently than I do, they say that this is just the beginning. Some fear it s not a question of if there will be another attack, but when. What gives me hope though not just for Paris, but also for humanity in this world are the people around me. I have an enormous admiration for the many French people and other people I ve met who refuse to stop living their lives because of what happened. The French lifestyle is irrepressible outdoor cafes are filled with people again, and at night, I see people walking home for dinner with baguettes from the boulangerie[7] in hand. The Eiffel Tower, Hotel Montparnasse and the large ferris wheel recently erected for the holiday season, have all been defiantly tattooed with red, white and blue for the French flag at night. If you haven t seen this video[8] of the French little boy and his father saying that the terrorists have guns, but they have flowers, you need to watch it. It will melt your heart. I didn t know this before I came here, but recently I ve learned that the motto of Paris, dating back to 1358, is Fluctuat nec mergitur, which is Latin for she is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.

In the wake of the attacks and everything that I have witnessed, I truly cannot think of a more fitting and deserving motto for this city.

Posted online Thursday at 12:45 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Facebook[9], Instagram[10] and Twitter[11] @VNewsUV.


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Right Wing Use Syrian Crises For Anti-Immigration Fearmongering

Gary Herbert

Both chambers of Congress are hurtling towards votes on legislation designed to halt the resettlement of refugees from war-torn Syria. The choice confronting lawmakers is stark between standing up for American values or standing with Donald Trump and others spreading lies and fanning the flames of intolerance, xenophobia, and fear. We can and must protect Americans and American values. America has a proud history as a nation of freedom, one that has a long tradition of being a beacon of hope for refugees. We cannot turn our back on our own history or values, nor should not turn our back on people fleeing unspeakable violence.

Some elected officials of both parties deserve particular praise for standing up for American values, despite intense levels of misinformation from the right:

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA): Rep. Moulton said, Shutting the door on the very people who ISIS is trying to target is playing right into the enemy s hands It s un-American, it s immoral, and it s not going to lead to the defeat of ISIS. As the Boston Globe reports, Rep. Moulton has lived up to his stated values on refugee resettlement issues in fact, he opened his home to an Iraqi refugee who had served as a translator for Moulton during one of the congressman s tours of Iraq. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV): As Sen. Reid tweeted from a speech on the Senate floor: We are America. We come to the defense of the defenseless. We come to the aid of those in need. And right now, we are needed. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH): Sen. Brown believes the country should continue resettling Syrians fleeing violence, stating, The only harder way to get here than through the way we have been screening and admitting Syrian refugees and others from the Middle East is to swim across the Atlantic. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM): Sen. Heinrich added a personal reflection to underscore his commitment to protecting refugees, saying: I am grateful that when my father and grandparents fled Germany in the years leading up to World War II, that our country chose to see them for what they were, enthusiastic American immigrants seeking to escape the dangerous politics gripping their former nation Had this brand of twisted anti-immigrant logic been applied to them, I can only wonder how very different my life would be today. Let s remember that the enemy in the current scenario is ISIS, not the refugees who flee from their destruction. We simply will not have the moral standing as a nation to lead in this international crisis if we ignore those who have lost everything at the hands of these barbaric terrorists.

Governor Gary Herbert (R-UT): Governor Herbert is the lone Republican governor to continue welcoming Syrian refugees to his state. A spokesperson for Gov. Herbert said in a statement, Utahns are well known for our compassion for those who are fleeing the violence in their homeland, and we will work to do all we can to ease their suffering without compromising public safety.”Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT): After Indiana s Governor Mike Pence diverted a family of Syrian refugees scheduled for resettling in his state, Connecticut Governor Malloy welcomed the family to his state, noting: It is the right thing, the humane thing to do Quite frankly, if you believe in God, it s the morally correct thing to do. In contrast, other elected officials of both parties are caving to or further stoking fears:

Roanoke, VA Mayor David Bowers (D): Mayor Bowers has faced a barrage of criticism for justifying his announced opposition to resettling Syrian refugees in Roanoke by citing the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and it appears that the threat of harm to America from ISIS now is just as real and serious as that from our enemies then. Rhode Island State Senator Elaine Morgan (R): Senator Morgan justified her opposition to resettling Syrian refugees by stating in an email, t]he Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone is a non-Muslim. She added that if the U.S. did accept Syrian refugees, we should set up refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous [sic].

Tennessee State House Member Glen Casada (R): Casada, the House Republican Caucus Chairman, said: We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming in to the state by whatever means we can. Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ): Gov. Christie expressed opposition to even taking in Syrian orphan children, telling Hugh Hewitt s radio show: The fact is that we need appropriate vetting, and I don t think orphans under five are being, you know, should be admitted into the United States at this point We need to put the safety and security of the American people first. Senator David Vitter (R-LA): Senator Vitter, ahead of Saturday s election, is trying to whip up fears and resentments about Syrian refugees in a particularly vicious manner including spreading lies about missing refugees in the state.

Concluded Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America s Voice, The rhetoric against immigrants and the world s most vulnerable refugees would make this country almost unrecognizable to me if it weren t for the many good people standing up for our values. We need to keep our nation open to people fleeing war, terrorism, and abuse those are the principles we were founded on, and they are strong principles. We can protect our country and protect refugees.

Follow Frank Sharry and America s Voice on Twitter: @FrankSharry and @AmericasVoice

America’s Voice — Harnessing the power of American voices and American values to win common sense immigration reform[1]


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