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A new Kaspersky partner program for security services providers …

A New Kaspersky Partner Program For Security Services Providers ...

Kaspersky Lab has launched a new partner program in Africa, aimed at managed service providers (MSPs) that already offer security services or would like to add them to their current portfolio. According to the cybersecurity firm the program is designed to help MSP’s expand their client base, particularly within the SMB market and also satisfy the demand from customers looking to outsource IT functions including security. Riaan Badenhorst, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Africa says: “Kaspersky Lab’s MSP Program was created specifically to meet the needs of partners who want to grow their managed service offerings in cybersecurity without additional administrative overheads or resources. The program is based on the world’s most tested, most awarded multi-layered security solutions. It allows MSP partners to secure the complete customer infrastructure, from mobile devices and desktops to physical and virtual servers, with our comprehensive portfolio that can be delivered both on-premises or from the cloud.”

MSPs that sign up to the new program and meet specific criteria, are eligible for what the company calls “special privileges and benefits” including exclusive access to volume based pricing with a separate MSP price list, monthly licensing, as well as product and security training and certification, among others.

MSP looking to engage the program must be a provider of managed services, must purchase licenses from a distributor affiliated with Kaspersky Lab and must provide first line support to customers.

The company also states that managed service providers can choose between cloud and on-premise models.

Networks Unlimited supports non-profit organisation in the improvement of literacy and numeracy[1] Published on 25 April 2017

A New Kaspersky Partner Program For Security Services Providers ...

Airtel Nigeria appoints new VP for mobile money[2] Published on 05 April 2017

A New Kaspersky Partner Program For Security Services Providers ... Company says it is reorganising its commercial operations to accelerate growth, drive efficiency.

A new Kaspersky partner program for security services providers[3] Published on 25 April 2017

A New Kaspersky Partner Program For Security Services Providers ... Global cybersecurity firm says the offering will help MSPs meet demand for IT security services and attract new customers in SMB markets.


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Killer of Brooklyn security guard forgiven by victim’s mother

A gunman got sentenced Monday to 76 years to life in prison for callously murdering a hardworking father of six and permanently injuring another man.

He also got something else grace from the heartbroken mother of the man he killed.

I ll forgive you, but I will never forget what you did, Cheryl Locklear, the mother of Aaron Locklear, told killer Antonio Mahon.

Locklear, 30, and trainee James Merced, 28, were taking a lunch break from their job as security guards on Nov. 28, 2014, when Mahon walked passed them on Dumont Ave. in Brownsville. Then Mahon turned around and opened fire.

Killer Of Brooklyn Security Guard Forgiven By Victim's Mother

Cheryl Locklear, mother of murdered Aaron Locklear, forgave her son’s killer.

(Jesse Ward/for New York Daily News)

My son left behind six children, you took them away from him. You took him away from his family. I m praying you seek a Christian life while in prison, but I have forgiven you, Cheryl Locklear said in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Mahon, 22, admitted he thought Locklear and Merced were his enemies and was on drugs at the time of the shooting. Merced now uses a wheelchair.

I must say this, I never thought in my life as a judge, did I think I d have to impune a sentence like this to anyone, Supreme Court Justice ShawnDya Simpson said before giving Mahon 76 years to life.

Killer Of Brooklyn Security Guard Forgiven By Victim's Mother

Aaron Locklear was shot outside the housing complex where he worked by Antonio Mahon.

(instagram )

Prior to the shooting, Mahon chased after a young man armed with the murder weapon and pointed the same gun at a maintenance worker.

This is a very sad case. It pains my heart. It pains my soul that three young mens lives are ruined, but two really good men s lives are ruined, said Simpson.

Mahon told detectives he always walked around with a gun because he has problems with several gangs, including the HoodStarz, in the neighborhood.

Clayton Gravenhise, 22, a HoodStarz member, was on a revenge-fueled crime spree in 2014 after his brother Nathaniel Gravenhise was killed. Gravenhise suspected Mahon was the killer, sources said.

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Alaskans might need passport for flights, military base access

If state lawmakers don t pass new legislation soon, Alaskans may not be able to use their State of Alaska driver s license to fly or access military bases. That s because of the Real ID Act passed by Congress in 2005, designed to create minimum security standards for all state ID cards nationwide. Now, 12 years later, the Alaska Department of Administration says Alaska is one of five states left that have not implemented the new system. States that have enacted the measure include a yellow star in the corner of the license. The stamp means a person s identity is confirmed through a stricter process.

The only thing that Real ID demands that we do is validate the information that a person gives to us, said Department of Administration Commissioner Sheldon Fisher. So, if they give a birth certificate, we have to validate that that birth certificate is, in fact, valid in another state; if they give us a passport, we have to validate that that passport is valid.

Alaska is one of the few states that doesn t already do this. The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles will have to start issuing real IDs by June or Alaskans could run into trouble.

They will no longer be able to enter a federal installation without Real ID compliant identification, Laurie Hummel, Adjutant General for the Alaska National Guard and Commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, told reporters last month. The same soon goes for boarding flights, according to the Department of Homeland Security[1]. Governor Bill Walker has introduced legislation to allow Alaskans to choose whether to get a Real ID or keep their current state driver s license. The Alaska Department of Administration estimates implementing the Real ID Act will cost the state $1.5 million. Walker s House Bill 74[2] proposes a $25 fee for the new license to help cover that cost.

But the measure has received pushback from both sides of the aisle. Representative DeLena Johnson (R-Palmer) sponsored a resolution[3] urging congress to drop the act entirely. She and 37 other House members agree the federal government should not push new costs on to the state.

I m just not quite ready to go there yet and pay for the privilege, Johnson told reporters at a press conference last month. $1.5 million in the time when we re trying to reduce our budget. I mean it s time to just kind of push back on that. Some legislators are also worried about the security of Alaskans data.

In terms of data, we currently store data and we will continue to store data. We don t share that stored data with others and nothing changes, said Fisher of the concern.

The House finance will take public testimony on the HB 74 Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

For a complete list of Real ID compliant documents, click here. [4]


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