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Security Guard Stumbles Upon Noose At DC Museum

A noose was reportedly found outside a Washington, D.C. museum Friday evening, museum staff announced in an email. A security officer spotted the noose swinging from a tree outside the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden around 6:30 pm after responding to a call about suspicious activity, reports[1] BuzzFeed News.

The noose was taken down[2], but authorities don t know how long the noose was allegedly there.

It is unknown when the noose was hung or how long it had been there, The United States Park Police (USPP) said in a statement. The USPP continues to investigate this case. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, a part of the Smithsonian Institution, focuses on modern art and culture. Linda St. Thomas, chief spokeswoman for the Smithsonian Institute, told Buzzfeed News that an incident like this has never happened before, adding that the museum doesn t have any exhibits on race.

There isn t an exhibition about a racial anything. It s just a contemporary art museum, St. Thomas explained.

The secretary of the Smithsonian, David Skorton, emailed staff to inform them about the incident.

The Smithsonian is committed to be a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place for all, Skorton wrote in his email. I know you join me in deploring this act.

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ColorTyme manager says homeless crowd ate his customers’ food before police arrived

The manager of a Lexington rent-to-own store says Customer Appreciation Day was ruined after being overrun by homeless people who ate the hot dogs and hamburgers he d cooked. Jerry Paulley, regional manager for the ColorTyme store in Eastland Shopping Center, said he called Lexington police at 11:52 a.m. to get help with dispersing a hungry crowd of about 50 or 60 people who had formed a line that snaked through the store and refused to leave.

That should be serious enough to send a squad car, he said. At 12:29 p.m., he said, police called back to say they were then getting ready to send out a car.

By then, Paulley said, most of his meat had been eaten and the homeless people were gone. Lexington police Lt. Jackie Newman said police responded immediately after being notified by the dispatch center.

It looks like it was put in as a non-priority call, she said. We had no idea until it was dispatched. Robert Stack, director of Lexington s Enhanced 911 Center, said calls about violence or injury accidents take precedence.

We didn t have any units to respond, he said. The dispatchers can only send what they have. We sent them as soon as we had units available.

Paulley said he started grilling at 7:30 p.m. Friday and had cooked about 64 hot dogs and 64 hamburgers for the event. Folding tables were set up in front of the sales counter laden with bags of chips, plates of cookies and crock pots filled with burgers and hotdogs. The store had mailed postcards to its customers advertising the free food and had put a sign on the door that announced Customer Appreciation!! Customers only.

Paulley said he told the first dozen homeless patrons, who showed up at about 11:15 a.m., that they could have a plate, but, We said, Please don t go back and tell everybody else.

They didn t care, and there wasn t no getting them out of here, he said. It looked like a soup kitchen. Paulley said employees were able to save about 10 hamburgers and 20 hot dogs by hiding them in the back of the store.

We ended up having to take some of the food back what we could get away from them, he said. Paulley said the store has supported other initiatives to help people in need.

There s a time and a place, he said.

Paulley said the shopping center has a security guard who works 40 hours a week during the evenings, but at other hours merchants rely on police for security.

An overnight homeless shelter recently opened nearby.

Security Services Have Foiled Five UK Terror Plots Since Westminster Attack


The pace of terror plots successfully intercepted and prevented by Britain s intelligence and counter-terror agencies considerably quickened in the months leading up to the Manchester attack.

Security service sources have revealed five terror plots were foiled between the Westminster attack in March, where Islamist Khalid Masood ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside the Palace of Westminster, killing five, and the Manchester bombing which killed 22. The five plots foiled in less than two months contribute to a total of 18 stopped since 2013. The comments of the sources reported[1] by The Sun said Britain s domestic intelligence agency MI5 was running around 500 active investigations, that encompassed some 3,000 subjects of interest . It has since been revealed[2] that in addition to those subjects of interest, the British government was also aware of a further 20,000 potential Jihadists who had been reported to the services or detected by other means, but were judged not enough of a risk to monitor in greater depth.

Security Services Have Foiled Five UK Terror Plots Since Westminster Attack

The aftermath of the Westminster attack in March 2017

Both Khalid Masood, the Westminster killer and Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber were part of this greater pool of potential subjects, who did not receive the full attention of the security services because there are not enough intelligence and police officers to monitor them all. Allowed to have slipped through the net , these individuals were able to plan and execute their attacks without the attention of the security services.

The paper reported the remarks of a former senior figure who said: Knowing of someone s radical sympathies and knowing they present a real and present danger are very different things. So the essence of the security dilemma is triage, how to assess who and when to investigate very deeply given the resources needed for 24/7 surveillance.

For every suspect that appears to be high priority another has to be pushed down the list. So who not to investigate urgently is as important a decision as who might be worth investigating .

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