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Secured Business: Six Advantages to Hiring a Security Guard for …

Hiring a security guard for your business may seem old fashioned, but the practice still has plenty of advantages. Here are a few reasons to hire a security guard for your business:

1 Visual Warning

If you own a store or product is stored at your location, a security guard acts as a visual warning to possible offenders. Perpetrators know immediately that you take security seriously with the help of a security guard.

2 Sense of security

While a security guard can help warn potential threats, it also provides you with piece of mind.

You and your employees can feel safe knowing there is someone nearby watching out for them. You don t have to make new employees nervous with loss prevention tactics, and you don t have to stress about your merchandise when you know it is being properly looked after.

3 Monitoring

A guard can monitor the security in your store in real time. Their vigilance on duty results in them noticing signs of criminal behavior that others may not notice, explains Trust Security in MD1.

Whether this is through cameras or walking the business, you know that someone is always making sure your site is secured. Since you and your employees are worried about the business and customer service, security and loss prevention may be placed on the back burner. With a security guard, you still know the security of your store is monitored anyway.

4 Handling crime

In the case of an actual crime, a security guard is the one that takes care of the situation.

They are trained to confront a thief, retrieve your merchandise, and call the police. This will all be done with the business owner or manager s supervision, but the details are worked out by the guard and the police. This does not have to be part of your workload.

5 Customer service

A security guard is another body on the floor that can help customers.

Although this is not their primary job, they can still help point people in the right direction. If one of your concerns is hiring enough employees to keep an eye on the floor and protect against theft, a security guard can take place of another employee.

6 Save money

As stated above, the security guard can take place of another employee when loss prevention is the main issue. They will save you money in theft recovery that usually claims thousands of dollars 2from small businesses.

This can be the difference between a business thriving and barely surviving.

Security guards can be a great investment in your small business to protect merchandise and save money in theft.

About the Author

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah.

She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about personal finance and spending time with her dog, Max.


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Byzantine, Texas: Security guard shoots nun, seven others in …

(Mail Online) – A man employed as a private security guard opened fire in a Russian Orthodox cathedral on the island of Sakhalin, killing a nun and a churchgoer and wounding six others.

The shooting occurred on Sunday at a time when Russian security forces are on high alert due to safety concerns about possible attacks on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, thousands of miles to the west. Officials said there was no apparent link to the Games. The gunman was detained at the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, after the shooting, the federal Investigative Committee said.

It added that the suspect had worked as a security guard in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which is some 4,130 miles from Moscow. There was no immediate word on a motive in the attack, which comes just six days after a Moscow teenager killed a teacher and a policeman and held classmates hostage in the first major school shooting in Russia. Most of the wounded in Sunday s mid-afternoon attack were shot in the legs and their lives were not in danger, according to state news agency RIA Novosti, citing the regional leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Tikhon.

He said a prayer service for the victims would be held later on Sunday at the cathedral, which is the main Russian Orthodox church in a region that includes Sakhalin and the Kurile island chain. The island is situated in the Sea of Okhotsk, north of Japan. The part of the church where the shooting took place would have to be cleaned of victims blood and blessed, he added.

The Investigative Committee said psychiatrists would attempt to determine the suspect’s mental condition.

There have been a handful of shooting sprees in offices and public places in Russia in recent years, but they are relatively rare and state-run media tend to treat such attacks as a largely American phenomenon.

The Feb 3 shooting at a Moscow school, in which a student used his father s rifles, has led to calls for stiffer punishment for gun owners whose weapons are used in attacks.



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